12 Jul 2016 8:46 PM +00:00 UTC

Legendary Pictures Is Close to Getting the Rights to a Live-Action Pokemon Movie

With the success of Pokemon Go, a live-action Pokemon movie is hot property again and Legendary Pictures is currently trying to grab it up, Deadline reports. Though the deal hasn't closed yet, sources are saying negotiations are very strongly headed in that direction. Deadline notes this isn't the first time Legendary has been close to landing a Pokemon movie deal, but doubtless the recent Pokemon boom is giving them a little more motivation this time around.

A Pokemon live-action movie has the potential to be the biggest video game movie rights deal ever, as it's reportedly worth around $5 million. Pokemon GO caused Nintendo's stock to soar 25% recently and the app is possibly bigger than Twitter, so you can be Pokemon is valuable. It would be a real triumph on the part of Legendary Pictures to get the deal.

Legendary Pictures is an American based studio founded by Thomas Tull in 2005. They have co-produced with Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. The company is behind well-known movies like Batman Begins and Jurassic World. It's likely that if they get the rights to a Pokemon movie, they will team up with Warner Brothers and Universal Studios to produce it, like they did with the aforementioned movies.


Legendary was also behind the recent World of Warcraft movie, which is the highest grossing video game-based movie ever. Live-action adaptations of video games typically don't have the highest quality, but Warcraft was successful and Legendary produced that movie alonside Atlas and Blizzard Entertainment. The success of Warcraft might also be the reason Legendary is making new headway on a Pokemon movie.

I personally am cautious when it comes to video game adaptations, but at least Legendary doesn't have a bad track record. I have to wonder whether a Pokemon movie would follow the anime's storyline, adapt a specific game or just do an original story involving Pokemon. If Legendary gets the movie, we'll get that answer. What do you think? Are you excited for a Pokemon live-action movie?

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