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Lee Seung Gi’s Legal Representative Details Events that Led to Singer’s Complaint Against Hook Entertainment

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Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative released an official statement Thursday, November 24, about the issue that his client hasn’t received his 18-year music earnings from his agency, Hook Entertainment. The spokesperson details the events before the 35-year-old filed a complaint against his agency.

The company was accused of withholding Lee Seung Gi’s pay for 18 years since he debuted. In total, the artist has released 27 albums.

Lee Seung Gi’s Demands Hook Entertainment to Give Payments Withheld

The “Because You’re My Woman” hitmaker’s legal rep now handles the issue and reveals the actor’s stand on the news.

“First, we apologize for causing many people concerns through Lee Seung Gi's trouble with his agency, and second, we would like to deliver our client's legal position in response to the withholding of his music earnings,” he said, via AllKpop.

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He revealed the host demanded Hook to give him a transparent record of his earnings on November 15, including a tally of all the sales and profits from his albums’ distributions, and deliver all the payments withheld.

“Lee Seung Gi has been an artist under Hook Entertainment for the past 18 years since his debut, and throughout his career, he has demonstrated complete faith in Hook Entertainment for all earnings regarding his entertainment activities,” the spokesperson continued.

Hook Entertainment Hides Lee Seung Gi’s Music Earnings from Him

Since Lee Seung Gi’s debut in 2004, his rep revealed Hook hasn’t mentioned anything about his music distribution earnings.

Hence, the artist has no idea of the profit his music earns until he recently learns that the revenues are being kept from him when he receives a text mistakenly sent to him by a Hook employee.

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“After this discovery, Lee Seung Gi attempted to request additional details regarding his music earnings from the agency,” the rep added. “However, Hook Entertainment shook off his requests by telling him, 'You are a 'minus earnings' singer,' offering false excuses.”

Hook Entertainment, Lee Seung Gi’s Confrontation

A confrontation between Hook and Lee Seung Gi ensued, and the latter received severe insults and threats from the company’s president, Kwon Jin Young.

The matter worsens, and it’s no longer about his unpaid earnings. After what happened, Lee Seung Gi lost faith in the agency and its CEO.

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From there, he decided to pursue legal action against Hook, following careful considerations. He also wanted to file a lawsuit against Kwon Jin Young about the legitimacy of his exclusive contract.

“So far, Lee Seung Gi has forwarded several legal documents demanding that Hook Entertainment release transparent records of all of his entertainment activity earnings,” his legal rep stated. “Lee Seung Gi's side sincerely hopes that the agency will fulfill all demands dutifully.”

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