Lee Seung Gi Talks About Recent Donations After Getting Unpaid Salary From Former Agency

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Seung Gi opened up about how meaningful it was for him to donate to several organizations recently.

After Lee Seung Gi got the unpaid earnings he should have gotten from Hook Entertainment years ago, the singer-actor decided to divide the amount and make whopping donations to different groups.

For him, who has always been known for his philanthropic works, donating the money was a lot more meaningful than ever.

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Lee Seung Gi Explains Why Donating All Unpaid Earnings Was Meaningful For Him

The My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho star recently graced the pages of GQ Korea and appeared during an interview with the magazine. The interview was reportedly done hours after he confirmed his upcoming marriage to Lee Da In.

Elsewhere in the interview, he was asked about his recent donations after he pledged to donate all his unpaid earnings once Hook Entertainment returned the amount to him.

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According to Lee Seung Gi, he heard how people said he donated millions of won to the groups, yet he chose to fly economy overseas. He added that he received much comfort from people who are not actually his fans. With that, he reportedly felt he was not alone in the battle.

He then revealed how the donations became important to him.

The Because you're my woman singer said:

“Something I want to say is that all donations are good. However, these donations are a bit different. That money was really precious to me. To the point where it feels too conventional to call it ‘blood-like money.’ Because it’s money that contains all the stress, hurt, and despair of my youth. That’s why I wanted to spend it without losing that much more. I wanted to donate it to a place where I could clearly see with my own two eyes how that money is spent.”

Lee Seung Gi Donates to Several Groups, Organizations

Lee Seung Gi has been receiving praise and recognition after he began dividing the amount he received from Hook Entertainment and gave it to the organizations and charities close to his heart.

Immediately after having his unpaid earnings, he donated 2 billion KRW to the Seoul National University Children's Hospital in December. He has been supporting and doing volunteer work for children in the past years. In recognition of his donation, a portion of the wards would be named after him.

During his 36th birthday, he extended his philanthropic work and donated 550 million KRW to the Korean Red Cross to help the organization increase bloodmobiles across the country and manage free food distribution buses.

Lee Seung Gi then gave 300 million won to the KAIST. The amount will reportedly be used to build the New York campus, which is currently under development.

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