Lee Nadine Instagram: Single’s Inferno 2 Star Reveals Meaning Behind Her IG Handle

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Single’s Inferno 2 star Lee Nadine reveals the reason behind her Instagram name.

The 22-year-old beauty is one of the fan favorites on the Netflix reality dating show.

For the second season, Lee Nadine captured the hearts of viewers with her undeniable charm, effortless beauty, and intelligence.

Single’s Inferno 2 gathered 12 good-looking and very single participants who are trapped on a secluded private island to find their potential romance.

Viewers fell in love with the Korean-American star’s beauty and charm with some lauding her as “the total package” and “it girl” of the group.

Who is Lee Nadine of Single's Inferno Season 2?

In one episode of Single’s Inferno season 2, Lee Nadine went to paradise with Shin Dong Woo.

At the luxurious part of the island, the duo got to know their age and professions.

Lee Nadine revealed that she is currently a student at the prestigious Ivy League, Harvard University, majoring in neuroscience and a secondary concentration in computer science.

In addition, she previously revealed in The New York Times that she applied for the United States Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps to make her university application stand out given that, adding that she wanted to be a trauma surgeon one day.

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Besides her application for the Air Force training corps, she has done various volunteer work.

Adding to the list is being the Internal Relations Executive Director at the non-profit organization, Synapse National, and works as the research student at Christopher A. Walsh laboratory’s Genomic division.

As for her other activities, Lee Nadine described herself as a sporty girl.

She enjoys lacrosse and also loves football. Apart from it she is also a fan of outdoor sports like kayaking, skiing, and sailing.

Lee Nadine Instagram: Here’s Why the Single’s Inferno 2 Star Named her IG Handle @deeenerss

In her recent YouTube video, Lee Nadine answered random Q&As from fans.

One of the questions she got asked was about her Instagram handle. Lee Nadine’s Instagram is named after her childhood moniker.

The reality star revealed that the name @deeenerss was so special to her because it was her nickname as a kid.

She said that when she was coming up with her Instagram name, she chose deeeners because when she was in third grade, she would go over to her friend's house and their parents would call her deaners because of the word play “Nadine.”

Currently, Lee Nadine’s Instagram boasts 1,4 million followers and counting. She often posts random snaps – from universities, with her friends, family, and more.

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