Lee Nadine Net Worth: Is She the Wealthiest Single’s Inferno Season 2 Cast?

Credit: Korea Now / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Korea Now / YouTube screenshot

Besides being the group’s beauty and brains, Single’s Inferno season 2 star Lee Nadine sparked fans' curiosity about more details about her including her family, net worth, and more.

The 22-year-old beauty is among the 12 single and gorgeous participants who were stranded on the secluded island called Inferno in hopes of finding a genuine connection among their fellow cast.

During the introduction, the hosts were stunned after hearing about her academic background, with Hong Jin Kyung seemed impressed even describing Lee Nadine as “cool.”

Who is Lee Nadine of Single’s Inferno Season 2?

Born in New York in the United States Lee Nadine would often visit South Korea hence she could still speak a bit of Korean despite living abroad for so many years.

She studied at Branson School during her earlier years and after high school, she was accepted in various ivy league like Princeton, Yale and officially chose Harvard University as her school.

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During her experience at Paradise, she tells Shin Dong Wook that she is a third-year student taking up Neuroscience with a secondary in Computer Science as her pre-med and plans to be a surgeon in the future.

Lee Nadine's Net Worth

According to reports, Lee Nadine’s net worth is estimated at 700,000 USD.

Apart from being a reality star, she used to do modeling on the side and was under YG Plus, a model management company established by fashion-model-turned-CEO Go Eun-kyung, and currently owned by YG Entertainment.

Adding to the list of her stream of income, she is also on YouTube where she often posts a day in her life as a Harvard student.

Interestingly, she had a YouTube video that went viral, raking millions of views and that is giving tips and tricks on how she entered Harvard.

Her mom and older sister also appear on her channel, sharing random events about their family.

Will Lee Nadine Pursue being a Celebrity or Vlogger?

In her recent interview with Korea Now, Lee Nadine revealed that she enjoyed being part of the Netflix reality show but says that she will still pursue her dream to become a doctor.

Moreover, she revealed that it was her mother and sister who were obsessed with the show and that she initially had no plans to join Single’s Inferno season 2 but was pushed her to audition was a change in environment and to meet new people since she have been single for quite sometime she said.

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