Lee Kwang Soo Receives Praises From The Killer's Shopping List Co-Star Jo Aram

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Lee Kwang Soo and Jo Aram had so much fun filming the comedy series, The Killer’s Shopping List.

After gugudan disbanded, Jo Aram – previously promoted as Hyeyeon, joined the tvN comedy series featuring Lee Kwang Soo and Seol Hyun. The Killer’s Shopping List is a 2022 K-drama that explores Ahn Dae Sung’s life and the murder cases happening near their family’s MS Mart.

The drama maintained high viewership ratings after episode 1’s 3.6 percent record.


After it aired its episode 8 on May 19, Jo Aram shared her thoughts after becoming part of the series and working with her co-stars.

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Jo Aram Says She Learned So Much From Lee Kwang Soo

In a recent interview shared by SBS News, the former girl group member told the press about her experience in the mystery comedy drama.


She played the role of Alba, a part-timer in MS Mart, in The Killer’s Shopping List.

Jo Aram said she was lucky to be part of the 8-episode series due to the drama’s commendable plot and cast members.

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"I was nervous since it was my first time acting on site, but everybody was super nice to me. They helped me out a lot. All cast members made the vibe of our site vibrant and enjoyable. I had lots of fun filming the drama,” she said.

She then praised Lee Kwang Soo and Jin Hee Kyung at the same time. She revealed that her co-stars were caring and attentive throughout their filming. Thus, it pushed her to give her best in filming her scenes.

Lee Kwang Soo Displayed Professionalism

As for the scene in which Lee Kwang Soo impressed everyone with his professionalism, Jo Aram recalled the part in which Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Gyo Yeop started talking about Ahn Sebin.


Although the script did not tell Lee Kwang Soo to hit his co-star, the former Running Man star slapped Lee Gyo Yeop on his lips while talking.

"I shouldn't have laughed then, but I just couldn't help but laugh out loud. The whole team laughed, including the actors, actresses and production crew, as they saw him unexpectedly slapping his lips. I did see Lee Kwang Soo asking Lee Gyo Yeop to be excused before filming that scene, but I had no idea that he was going to slap him like that,” she said.

Although it was hilarious, Lee Kwang Soo reportedly did not laugh and continued acting. With that, Jo Aram was extremely impressed by his action.

As of press time, the creators are yet to confirm whether there will be The Killer’s Shopping List season 2.

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