May I Help You Actress Lee Hye Ri Talks About Love For Her Character's Abilities in the New MBC Drama

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Hyeri is dominating more industries after debuting as a K-pop idol with Girl's Day. After becoming an actress, she has continuously played notable roles and recently scored the lead character in the MBC Kdrama, May I Help You.

On October 19, MBC TV released its new TV series, May I Help You. It airs new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday.

After the series began, Lee Hyeri shared her thoughts about her character and revealed what made her fall in love with it.

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Lee Hyeri Opens Up About May I Help You Character

May I Help You is an ongoing fantasy romantic-comedy series created by Welcome 2 Life director Sim So Yeon. It explores the life of a man who gets paid 100 won per day to run errands and a woman who grants the wishes of dead people.

In the series, Lee Hye Ri plays the role of a funeral director named Lee Hye Ri, who runs an errand company and grants the wishes of the dead. Through her ability, she makes their wishes come true as she prepares their funerals.

After the release of the first two episodes, the director and its main cast members held a press conference regarding the series.

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As quoted by The Korea Times, the idol-turned-actress opened up about loving her character's heroic abilities.

"She is an everyday girl. But after she chooses to become a funeral director, she comes to have this heroic side. Her clients are already dead, so they can't do anything. So how she helps them and goes through struggles to grant their wishes makes her interesting," she said.

She also shared a sneak peek at the Kdrama's genre, saying she thought it was a fantasy series. But after she started filming, Lee Hyeri realized that the stories were similar to real-life events.

Director Sim So Yeon, Actor Lee Jun Young Share Works in May I Help You

On the other hand, Lee Jun Young and director Sim So Yeon also shared more details about working on the series.

Per the director, May I Help You is a mix of drama and romantic comedy. But the team also applied it out of the fantasy genre. Like Lee Hyeri, the showrunner talked about seeing the story being a realistic one to the viewers.

Director Sim So Yeon also shared how the team worked hard to avoid depicting death as saddening and depressing.

As for Lee Jun Young's part, he revealed he accepted the role after finding the story heartwarming.

Viewers can learn more about Lee Hyeri and Lee Jun Young's heartfelt series, May I Help You, in the next episodes.

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