Kwon Eun Bi Shares Improvement in New Comeback Project Since Having Solo Debut

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Credit: woolliment/YouTube Screenshot

Kwon Eun Bi found joy in performing as a solo artist after her former girl group, IZ*ONE, disbanded.

From being a trainee under Woollim Entertainment, Kwon Eun Bi tried her luck alongside her labelmate, Kim Chaewon, and joined the Mnet competition show, Produce 48. She made it to the final 12 members, joining Jang Won Young, Sakura Miyawaki, Jo Yu Ri, Choi Ye Na, An Yu Jin, Nako Yabuki, Kang Hye Won, Hitomi Honda, Kim Chae Won, Kim Min Ju, and Lee Chae Yeon.

Over two years after their debut, they officially disbanded last year and allowed the members to pursue what they want in their careers.

For Kwon Eun Bi’s part, she chose to go solo – and it became one of the best moves she made in her life.

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Kwon Eun Bi on Successful Career As Solo Artist

Kwon Eun Bi recently graced the pages of The Star magazine and had an interview with them where she talked about her upcoming comeback and her life with IZ*ONE members.

According to the K-pop star, her second mini-album would show the growth and improvement she went through compared to her previous album. She marked her solo debut in August with Door, and she will come back with the second mini-album, Color.

Kwon Eun Bi said that her album’s title track, Glitch, would tell how she still sees her charming side despite being flawed and incomplete.

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“I wanted to show my growth and improvement compared to my previous album, both in terms of choreography and vocals. Just like the title of my album, I really wanted to show a colorful array of charms and prove that I could pull off a wide variety of different genres,” she said.

Now that she is a solo artist, she found out that her strengths are singing and dancing.

Kwon Eun Bi Confesses That She Misses IZ*ONE

The K-pop idol took her time to speak candidly about her former groupmates, who have since moved forward with different careers after IZ*ONE’s stint ended.

Per Kwon Eun Bi, she now misses her former bandmates more than ever.

“When I don’t see them, I miss them, and when I’m alone, I think about them. I want to eat tasty things and have fun with them,” she said. “I often find myself thinking about the little things that we did together.”


For now, she has to work hard, especially with the arrival of her second mini-album.

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