KARA 15th Anniversary: Seungyeon Expresses Gratitude to Fans For Remembering Girl Group's Special Day Years After Disbandment

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Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

KARA would have been one of the longest-performing girl groups in history if they did not disband.

In March 2007, the then-quartet made their debut with The First Blooming. They received much pressure since they were originally considered the successors of their popular labelmate, FIN.K.L. However, their debut did not receive much attention, that it was considered a commercial failure.

Throughout their active years, they saw members come and go. Despite not having long-lasting members, KARA was still able to produce hit songs like Lupin, Step, Pandora, and Jumping.

When things were finally happening according to their will, some members refused to renew their contracts with the agency, and others pursued different careers – resulting in KARA’s disbandment in 2016.

Seven years since the split, their fans still remembered their legacy and celebrated their supposed 15th anniversary.

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KARA Seungyeon Spotted 15th Anniversary Materials

This week, KARA could have reached their 15th debut anniversary. In line with the special day, their fans celebrated it by creating a subway ad featuring the original and the last members of the group.

Seungyeon captured photos of them and shared them with her followers online. She expressed her gratitude by bowing until her hair touched the floor. It also surprised the fans since the posters still include images of the late Goo Hara.

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“Thank you. Love you so much,” she captioned her post.

Other members – including Gyuri, Nicole, and Jiyoung – also shared the photos on their respective Instagram pages. International fans thanked the South Korean fanbase for including Heo Youngji, who became part of the group after winning the Kara Project in 2014.

KARA Members Previously Reunited

Last year, members Gyuri, Nicole, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung reunited to mark their 14th debut anniversary. This sparked rumors that KARA might mark their comeback, but they have not released any hint since then.

Meanwhile, Seungyeon once revealed a potential KARA reunion during a video interview with OSEN. At that time, she confirmed that the members were talking positively about it.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly affected their plans and kept them away from each other now.

Fans remain hopeful that they could see KARA perform on one stage in the future again.


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