Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 5 Recap: Im Soo Hyang Saves Kim Jung Hyun Again

Credit: MBCDRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBCDRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Jung Hyun’s Kokdu and Im Soo Hyang’s Han Gye Jeol face a problem because of Kim Da Som’s Tae Jung Won in the series’ episode 5.

Premiered on MBC TV on Jan. 27, Kokdu: Season of Deity explores the life of a grim reaper named Kokdu, who goes to the world every 99 years to punish humans. While Han Gye Jeol wants Do Jin Woo back, she temporarily makes Kokdu return to the underworld through her words.

The K-drama series also features Ahn Woo Yeon, Kim In Kwon and Cha Chung Hwa as lead characters.

Here’s what happened in the drama’s episode 5.

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Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 5 Recap

Kokdu finally discovers that Han Gye Jeol is Seol Hee in the past after she kisses him. At the same time, he realizes why he has been tied to Seol Hee even after his death.

She tells him that a man pushes her off the lighthouse, causing her to almost get drowned in the river. While she does not know who the man was, he learns that Gak Shin put her in danger by replying to Han Gye Jeol’s message. Ok Shin, on the other hand, takes the blame.

Ok Shin and Gak Shin arrange a date for Kokdu and Han Gye Jeol, but Sa Guk Hwa spots him in public.

Meanwhile, Han Gye Jeol bumps into the man who pushed her again and sets up a trap inside the clinic.

As Jung Yi Deun talks about his first kiss, Kokdu also cannot stop himself from staring at her lips. He also seemingly starts falling in love with her because she is Seol Hee. But at the same time, he desires to be freed from the curse and peacefully dies instead.

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Han Gye Jeol visits Oh Kyung Seung and checks on Shin Hong Geun who self-diagnosed himself with leukemia.

On the other hand, Han Chul continues his investigation into the recent murder cases. However, he knows Tae Jung Won knows something about it.

Han Gye Jeol prepares ahead of her date with Kokdu. However, upon arrival at the restaurant, she sees Tae Jung Won hugging Kokdu as she does not know he is no longer Do Jin Woo. His supposed proposal also get cancelled because of the incident.

Han Gye Jeol also tells him not to cross the line until he regains his memory because he reportedly has a girlfriend. She soon gets drunk and tells Kokdu to return Do Jin Woo. Her words also make Kokdu disappear for real and return to the underworld.

When Was Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 6 Released?

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K-drama Kokdu: Season of Deity episode 6 was released on Feb. 11 at 10:00 PM KST.

Here's a glance at the Kokdu: Season of Deity episode 6 release date and time in other regions:

Central Time: 7:00 AM (Feb. 11)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:00 PM (Feb. 11)

Eastern Time: 08:00 AM (Feb. 11)

Pacific Time: 05:00 AM (Feb. 11)

Philippine Time: 9:00 PM (Feb. 11)

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