Knox Jolie-Pitt Shock: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s Youngest Son A Recluse? Overshadowed By Sisters Shiloh, Vivienne

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Not much is known about Knox Jolie-Pitt, the youngest son of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Even though the exes are A-listers, they have tried their best to raise their children to be as private as possible.

What’s only known is the Knox is 13 years old, and he has a twin sister named Vivienne. Knox and his siblings are pet lovers. And two years ago, a fan saw them selling organic dog treats at a park with Jolie.

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Brad Pitt Worried About Son Knox Jolie-Pitt

Woman’s Day, in its Dec. 13 issue, claimed that Pitt is worried about his youngest son. And the fact that Knox is growing up without a father figure in his life has not been easy on the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor.

“Knox is becoming more reclusive and it’s darker than just teenage sulks. Brad’s genuinely worried his son is getting lost surrounded by all the female drama now his older brothers are out discovering girls. He’s chronically overshadowed by his sister, even his twin, Viv, who was born to be an actress like her mom. So, she’s always stealing the attention away,” the unnamed source said.

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The allegations regarding Knox continued with the unnamed source saying that the 13-year-old is getting the scraps at home.

“Knox is the kid who gets the last piece of cake if there’s any left, and Brad’s worried his son is suffering without a male model in his life,” the unnamed source concluded.

Brad Pitt Wants To Bring His Kids To Missouri

New Idea, in its Dec. 13 issue, claimed that this isn’t all that Pitt is worried about. The Ad Astra actor allegedly wants to reach out to Jolie’s lawyers and ask permission if he could take his five children to Missouri for the holidays.

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Pitt’s lawyers are, allegedly, discouraging him from reaching out to his ex-wife’s legal team because they know that they won’t grant his request.

But Pitt is adamant at wanting to celebrate Christmas in Missouri with his children because he knows that his parents would be thrilled to reunite with the youngsters.

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“Bill and Jane have given countless written statements for the court requesting to see the kids. With COVID and lockdowns, it’s been way too long. Seeing them on computer screens isn’t the same for them,” an unnamed source said.

Angelina Jolie Is Proud Of Her Kids

Two months ago, Jolie told People that her children are becoming more and more distinct from each other. The actress did not express any concern over her youngest son. Instead, The Eternals star expressed how proud she is of each of her children.

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“I am curious about all the different aspects of who they are. And I want to be there to support and develop all the different aspects of who they are. It’s being excited to figure out: who is this person you live with? To separate yourself from your desires for that person,” Jolie said.

The actress added that she’s the type of mom who becomes thrilled when she sees her children’s rebellious side. After all, she’s happy that they’ve got fire in them.

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Unlike Jolie, Pitt has not been giving updates on his children. And it’s unclear if he still gets to see them as much as before. After all, all his visits are done in private, and he’s not also allowed to discuss details of his custody case.

Brad Pitt Wants His Children To Be Happy

A source told E! News in October that Pitt supports his children, and he just wants them to be happy.

“They are old enough now where they can make decisions and he doesn't stand in the way. He's encouraged them to be whoever they want to be. He wouldn't ask for anything different,” a source said.

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Pitt and his children are, reportedly, home buddies and they have a good routine in place when they visit their dad at home.

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