King Loki Deleted Scene Features Thor's Transformation Into Frog Thor

The first season of Loki might be over but most fans are still talking about certain scenes that didn't make it into any of its six episodes. One scene, in particular, is the King Loki scene that appeared in the trailer but was never seen in the show.

Interestingly, the King Loki scene would have been one of the craziest sequences in the series if it wasn't removed from the premiere episode. It has just been revealed that the scene actually included Thor's transformation into Frog Thor.

In the first episode of Loki, Mobius took the God of Mischief to TVA's Time Theater where Loki got to review his past misdeeds. Although the footage chose to be more nostalgic and emotional, Loki composer Natalie Holt has revealed that there was supposed to be a hilarious sequence involving Throg the Frog of Thunder.

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"I think they just kind of cut it down to kind of give it a bit more focus. But there were a few extra moments in there, and that Frog of Thunder moment was one of them," Holt told The Direct. Amazingly, the Throg scene was set to be in the final cut since Holt was already working on the music for the sequence.

"I had actually written, I had done something with choir for it like it was this big, grand moment where Loki takes over the crown in Asgard, and then you see Thor as a frog," she stated.

That's not the only thing that we have learned about the Frog Thor scene. Loki producer Eric Martin had previously confirmed that the sequence would have featured Throg beating his brother up. In addition to that, director Kate Herron revealed that Chris Hemsworth himself provided the voice of the Frog of Thunder.

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Sadly, we still haven't seen the deleted scene. However, if The Falcon and The Winter Soldier fans got the Dancing Zemo scene they wanted, we're hoping it means we could see the King Loki and Frog Thor scene as well.

All episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+. Loki Season 2 has been confirmed but have not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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