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King Charles Shock: Prince William’s Father Is Reportedly in Talks for a Landmark Interview in Response to Prince Harry’s Allegations

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles and the royal family have stuck to their "never complain, never explain" mantra following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's attacks. However, a new report claims that His Majesty is preparing for a landmark interview with BBC.

King Charles Doing A Bombshell Interview With BBC?

The British monarch may break his silence following the allegations made by his son Prince Harry in his memoir Spare and his Netflix documentary with wife Meghan MarkleHarry & Meghan.

According to palace aides, they are discussing the possibility of King Charles doing an interview to set the record straight on the Megxit drama.

"Plans are already up and running for coronation coverage at the BBC, including the profile on the monarch. It is not the done thing to avoid subjects in interviews, so it makes matters tricky," an anonymous source told Mirror.

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"Even one small comment on Harry and Meghan would make worldwide news. It could also prompt a response from Harry, which would be unpredictable, like so much. Everything is very delicate."

BBC has to tread carefully, given the previous disastrous royal interviews. Prince Andrew's interview in response to the issue associating him with Jeffrey Epstein backfired, prompting him to step back from his royal duties. The outlet noted that the interview has to be positive to the King.

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"There remains an option for the family to simply produce a coronation speech or content they film and supply. It allows control over what is said and would not address the Sussexes," the insider added.

ITV reportedly asked for an interview with the King as well. However, insiders said the network's chances are slim after Prince Harry did an interview with the network's correspondent Tom Bradby earlier this month.

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Should King Charles Do An Interview To Respond To Prince Harry's Allegations?

The senior members of the royal family, King Charles, Queen CamillaPrince William and Kate Middleton, have maintained their dignified silence following Prince Harry's allegations in Spare. The royals' silence has been praised by various PR experts, suggesting that King Charles' rumored interview might not bode well for the royal family.

"What should the Royal Family do in response to these claims? In a word: nothing. They have pulled a blinder," Edward Coram-James, PR, reputation and crisis management expert and CEO of Go Up, told Express.

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"The biggest mistake that they could make would be to respond to any of the allegations. They are simply not serious enough allegations to warrant them breaching their long-held code of silence."

He added that breaking their silence will only imply guilt, and sticking to it only gives them the impression of maturity. The PR expert was convinced that the royal family's silence was the best response because the Sussexes' attacks only left them with "mild bruising" and "never came close to being on the receiving end of any knock out blows."

Should King Charles do an interview in response to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's allegations or just maintain their silence?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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