King Charles Making a Move to Remove Prince Harry, Prince Andrew as His Official Stand-Ins? Prince William’s Father Reportedly Wants Working Royals as Counsellors of State

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King Charles has been open about his plans to slim down the monarchy. The new monarch is also reportedly planning to remove the non-working royals as Counsellors of State.

King Charles Reportedly Planning To Change The Law For Counsellors Of State

The new British monarch is reportedly planning to amend the law regarding who can act as his official stand-in if he's incapacitated. He reportedly wanted to remove his son Prince Harry and brother Prince Andrew as Counsellors of State, Page Six reported.


The 1937 Regency Act also stated that the spouse of the monarchy and the four people in the line of succession over 21 could be deployed as Counsellors of State. At present, there are four Counsellors of State — Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice.

Queen Consort Camilla is entitled to be a Counsellor of State, in addition to the four royals stated above.

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Under the current law, the four will fill in for King Charles if he is unable to carry out his official duties due to illness or absence abroad.

However, King Charles reportedly "recognise the incongruity of having a trio of non-working Royals able to step into his shoes if he is abroad or incapacitated," the Telegraph reported. So he is reportedly planning to change the law as soon as he can.

If the changes are done, three of the current Counsellors of State — the Duke of Sussex, Duke of York and Princess of York — will be relieved from their duties.

"Such a move may form part of a wider redefinition of working and non-working royals," the report added.

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Who Will Be The New Counsellors Of State If King Charles Will Amend The Law

If Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice are relieved from their duties, the potential replacement would be Prince Edward and Princess Anne. Since three of the four will be replaced, Kate Middleton will probably make it to the list of the new Counsellors of State, the outlet added.

Dr. Craig Prescott, an academic and expert in U.K. constitutional law, had discussed this issue earlier this year amid Prince Andrew's scandal. According to him, it will be "inevitable" to remove the Duke of York.

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He also named the three royals who could fill in the non-working royals' position.

"They could draft in Princess Anne or Prince Edward and specifically make them Counsellors of State. There is a precedent for that, of a fashion, with the Queen Mother. In 1953, she was specifically made an extra counsellor. They may look to add the Duchess of Cambridge," Prescott told The Times U.K.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles and Prince William.

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