King Charles III, Prince William Regularly Talked on the Phone About Their Plans for the Monarchy? Megxit Reportedly Brought the Father and Son Closer to Each Other

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to quit The Firm was one of the biggest royal family stories to take place in 2020. Until today, the couple's decision is still widely talked about. But if there's one upside to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Megxit, it brought King Charles III and Prince William closer to each other.

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King Charles III And Prince William In Regular Contact With Each Other Since Megxit

During a recent interview, royal author Katie Nicholl discussed some of the contents of her new book, The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth's Legacy and the Future of the Crown. She said that Prince Harry and Markle's departure from the royal fold paved the way for King Charles III and Prince William to have regular discussions about the future of the monarchy.


"I think Megxit inevitably brought William and Charles closer together. Charles already has the plan for his first five years ready to go and he's ready to hit the ground running and impress us as King. Now Charles and William holiday together and speak on the phone almost every day. They are also on the same page on the future of the monarchy," Nicholl said (via Daily Mail).

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King Charles III Wouldn't Bring Prince Andrew Back Into The Royal Fold


Nicholl also said that King Charles III is focused on the future of the royal family, as well as his reign. So, the last thing that he needs to do is to concern himself with his younger brother, Prince Andrew.

According to the royal author, the Duke of York will never return to his royal duties because of the scandal that he was involved in but also because King Charles III wants to have a streamlined monarchy.

"I think the Queen was protecting him. I had sources very close to the Queen who said she asked Andrew what had happened and put him on the spot. He said he was innocent, and as a mother as well as the Queen she did stand behind him until the end. What will happen now is interesting. We've seen Andrew be a key part of the royal mourning period but I don't think we're going to see much of him – if anything – now. Charles is focused on the future of the Royal Family and his reign. He's not going to want that to be affected by scandals past or present. There will be a real streamlining that we will see played out in real-time," Nicholl said.

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King Charles III Proved Himself Worth Of Being The Monarch

In his article for Sky News, Caleb Bond said that King Charles III has proved himself worthy of being King.


"He appears to have a backbone and the interests of the monarchy at heart - even when it means making tough decisions in relation to his family. The royals are meant to be ambassadors for good and a source of strength for the Commonwealth," he wrote.

The contributor also said that there's no reason for King Charles III to bring anyone who isn't ready to take on the responsibilities of being a senior working royal.

"There is no point trying to bring people back into the fold if they're not prepared to clean up their act or dedicate themselves to the kind of selfless service royal life demands. Charles seemingly knows this. And early indications are he will act in the best interest of his subjects - not his relatives," he said.

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