King Charles, Camilla’s Alleged Son and Prince Harry Have Something Both in Common? Simon Dorante-Day Sympathizes With Meghan Markle’s Husband

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Simon Dorante-Day, who claimed to be King Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles' child years before they got married, believed that he could forge a friendship with Prince Harry. Dorante-Day sympathized with Meghan Markle's husband in his recent interview.

King Charles And Camilla's Alleged Son Wants To Connect With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Dorante-Day spoke with and discussed his plans to connect with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He believed that he and Prince Harry had a lot of things in common, and they could talk about a lot of things.


"I think Harry and I have an awful lot in common, very much so," he told "Of all the royals, Harry and I would see eye-to-eye the most and I would very much welcome the opportunity to meet with him."

He added that his wife, Elvianna, and the former Suits star would also have a lot in common. Dorante-Day believed that talking with the Sussexes would be "enlightening."

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He also compared his standing with the royal family to Prince William's brother. For him, they are both experiencing hard times, which will only give them a lot of things to discuss.

"We are both the black sheep of the royal family, I would say we have that bond," he added while talking about his and Prince Harry's similarities. "And I believe Harry would be receptive to my plight. He got f***ed over by his dad, he has a bone to pick with Charles. Just like I do."

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King Charles And Camilla's Alleged Son Sympathized With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle


He also expressed sympathy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex regarding the way the public treats them. According to him, he was "disgusted" with the treatment toward Prince Harry and Markle.

"The first thing I'd do if I met them is I'd give them a big hug - I think they need one, to be honest," Dorante-day added. "A lot of the criticism they are copping is blatantly unfair.

He also reacted to the palace's decision not to allow Prince Harry to wear his military uniform. According to Dorante-Day, it annoyed him because Prince Harry fought on the frontline while Prince William was allowed to wear his uniform, but he didn't go into combat.

"It made me so angry when Harry was told he couldn't wear a military uniform to his grandmother's funeral," Dorante-Day said.

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King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla's alleged loved child also aired the alleged double standard between the Cambridges and the Sussexes.

"Seeing the treatment of him, just my general opinion with complete neutrality, is disgusting. William and Kate can do no wrong, but Harry and Meghan apparently do everything wrong. They can't buy a break," he continued.


Dorante-Day added, "It's sadly pathetic. Makes me angry from a general perspective - let alone that he could be my half brother."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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