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King Charles Acting Like a Diva Over His Upcoming Coronation? Monarch Allegedly Isn’t Happy With His Custom-Made Suit, Scaled-Down Guest List, Date of the Ceremony

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles’ coronation ceremony has been set for May 6. Coincidentally, the date also happens to be Archie’s birthday. As of writing, it’s unclear if the monarch would invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to his coronation. After all, there are claims that King Charles is already feeling the pressure and stress of the event.

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King Charles Acting Like A Diva Over His Coronation?

According to Now To Love, King Charles has been acting like a diva over his coronation. Prior to the date of the ceremony, King Charles allegedly went back and forth in deciding when is the best time to have his coronation.

The monarch allegedly didn’t want May 6 to be the date of his coronation. Instead, he wanted it to be sometime in June, but he didn’t get his way. One of his fears was for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to think that he is snubbing them because his coronation date coincides with Archie’s 4th birthday.

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King Charles Is Stressed Over His Coronation Because He Wants It To Be Perfect

The publication’s source also claimed that King Charles is feeling the pressure and stress of Queen Elizabeth’s death on top of planning his coronation. Even though there are some issues with the budget, the monarch allegedly wants his coronation to be the event of the century.

However, those in charge have been reminding him that they cannot spend too much on just one event. In fact, they even need to scale back on his guest list. As a result, some key members of the royal family wouldn’t be invited to King Charles’ coronation.

There are also whispers claiming that King Charles had to decide which of his celebrity friends wouldn’t be invited to the important event.

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King Charles Has Been Firing Designers Who Are Not Doing A Good Job Designing His Coronation Suit

However, the source insisted that this isn’t all that King Charles is stressing over. He’s also firing designers left and right if he’s not happy with the custom-made suits that they are designed for him.

As of writing, King Charles still doesn’t know what he would wear to his coronation because he’s not impressed with the ones that were already shown to him.

“Charles is being a real diva about the coronation – he still wants it to be the event of the century, whilst not annoying a nation who are suffering from the cost of living crisis. His aides are caught in the nightmare position of having to constantly remind him to keep within the budget,” the source said.

No other details from King Charles’ coronation have been released except for the date of his ceremony. It has also been confirmed that Queen Consort Camilla will have a smaller ceremony on the same day.

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