Kim Young Dae Net Worth 2022: Shooting Stars Actor Already Earned THIS Much Since Debut

Credit: tvN DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Young Dae has been making his way toward the peak of his career by grabbing more roles in the past years.

Before Kim Young Dae made K-drama fans’ hearts flutter through his TV series, he first appeared as an actor in several web dramas. He made his debut in WHYNOT MEDIA’s Secret Crushes: Special Edition in 2017.

He immediately scored more roles afterward, appearing in Office Watch 2, Just Too. Bored, What To Do With You, It’s Okay To Be Sensitive, and Office Watch 3. The actor then appeared in TV shows that made him even more popular.

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Kim Young Dae Net Worth 2022: How Much is Shooting Stars Actor’s Net Worth So Far?

As of 2022, Kim Young Dae’s net worth is around $2 million, What’s The Net Worth estimated.

The young actor cemented his career through the KBS2 drama, Drama Special episode, The Time Left Between Us. He landed on more projects starting in 2019 after landing Kim Sung Kyu/Gang Gon’s role in the drama, Item. It did not take a long time for Kim Young Dae before scoring his first lead role in the hit MBC series, Extraordinary You, following his special appearance in Welcome to Waikiki 2.

His visuals caught more attention when he served as the model for designer Song Zio’s SONGZIO HOME show at the 2019 Hera Seoul Fashion Week.

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Kim Young Dae went on to garner awards for his appearances in several hit dramas, including When the Weather is Fine, Cheat on Me If You Can, and The Penthouse: War in Life.

He received his first-ever award – the Netizen Award, Actor at the KBS Drama Awards – for his role in Cheat on Me If You Can.

In the years thereafter, he made special appearances in True Beauty and Undercover before recently landing the lead role in Shooting Stars.

Kim Young Dae Wants To Expand Career With Positive Mindset

Ahead of the release of Shooting Stars, Kim Young Dae and his co-star, Lee Sung Kyung, posed for the pages of Elle Magazine. After the photoshoot, the duo sat down for an interview, where the actor shared his desire to continue working hard.

Per Kim Young Dae, working hard does not mean his efforts will be paid off instantly. Thus, he reportedly wants to keep pushing in his career.

“When you work hard, I don’t think your efforts are immediately rewarded, but I do think you’re definitely building up to something [that will pay off in the future]. That’s why it’s important to be consistent and keep going. Because you don’t know whether that effort will show its value in an unexpected way,” he said.

Fans can seek Kim Young Dae again once Shooting Stars premiere on April 22.

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