Kim Yoo-Jung Reflects On Success Of 'Lovers Of Red Sky'

Kim Yoo-Jung Red Sky
Credit: SBS TV

Kim Yoo-Jung Red Sky
Credit: SBS TV

Kim Yoo-Jung became the face of the now-hit series Lovers Of The Red Sky and successfully gave justice to her character from the Dan Dynasty.

In August, Kim Yoo-Jung joined forces with Ahn Hyo-Seop to breathe life to the characters Jung Eun-Gwol made for his fantasy novel, Hong Chun-gi. The SBS TV series aired for 16 episodes and told the story of the sole female painter who fell in love with a blind astrologer.

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Director Jang Tae-Yoo led the series, lending the talent he once shared with several hit Korean series like My Love From The Star, Painter of the Wind, and Deep Rooted Tree.

The series saw millions of viewers per episode and wowed Nielsen Korea with the episodes' audience shares every week. Its last episode on October 26 saw the highest ratings yet, ending the show with a 10.4 percent viewership rating.

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Kim Yoo-Jung Has One Hope After Lovers Of The Red Sky

Kim Yoo Jung
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Credit: SBS TV

A few days after the Lovers Of The Red Sky came to an end, Kim Yoo-Jung shared a heartfelt message for the staff members and fans who supported them until the last episode.

Through her agency, Awesome Entertainment, the actress said they ended the show with the perfect timing. She also hoped everything they showed in the series would stay in viewers' minds and hearts.

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Kim Yoo-Jung's complete statement, as quoted by The Korea Times, read:

"We started working on this series from the cold winter through the spring to the hot summer. And the series has wrapped up with the perfect timing of the fall season. The memories of all seasons I spent with the series will stay with me for a long time. Like ink soaking into paper, I hope this series made an impression on viewers and hope it stays with them."

Kim Yoo-Jung did well in portraying Hong Cheon-Ki's role, the first female painter to enter the Korean Royal Academy of Painting. Her character eventually falls in love with Ha-ram, who works at a royal unit in the institute.

Gong Myung Delivers Message After Bittersweet Ending

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Credit: SBS TV

Aside from Kim Yoo-Jung, Gong Myung – who played the role of Grand Prince Yangmyeong – also sent his message of gratitude after finally working with Director Jang Tae-Yoo.

The actor revealed, through Saram Entertainment, that he is fond of watching the director's period series. Thus, working with him and being part of one of the director's period dramas served as a huge reward for him.

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Meanwhile, he reportedly garnered a lesson while playing his character.

"This character taught me the joy of acting. Yang Myung seems to be lighthearted, but he is a lonely person inside. And as the story continues, he starts to bring out his charismatic side, of which I enjoyed his development," he said.

Lovers of the Red Sky officially wrapped up on October 26, ending its stint with a 9.02 percent viewership rating.

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