Squid Game Success: Actress Kim Joo Ryung Gains More Instagram Followers Following Netflix Series' Success

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Squid Game actress, Kim Joo Ryung, also could not believe the amount of attention she got following the record-breaking success of the Netflix series.

The cast members of Squid Game openly talked about the positive effects they noticed after joining the series. Jung Ho Yeon, Lee Jung Jae, Wi Ha Joon, and Park Hae Soo – among others – all received an overwhelming amount of support from viewers.

Actress Kim Joo Ryung, who famously played the role of Han Min Nyeo, shared her own experience and showed off her new status after starring in the series.

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Kim Joo Ryung Garners Millions Of Followers, Thanks To Squid Game

Kim Joo Ryung recently reminisced how her Instagram followers went from 400 to 2.2 million. Although she knew it was because of her role in Squid Game, the actress reportedly cannot process the new milestone in her career.

"There are many international fans who follow me. They send me messages of support in so many different languages. I want to reply to each one but I feel apologetic because I can't," she said.

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Although she did not play the main role, Kim Joo Ryung expressed her gratitude after experiencing the effects of her recent success. Still, she claimed she needed to be more careful with her actions now that she began receiving much attention from the public.

In another part of the interview, she reflected on the close relationship with the other Squid Game cast members on the set. The actress noted how everyone differs in terms of personalities, but their differences made all the scenes light and hilarious.

After becoming part of Squid Game, Kim Joo Ryung emotionally said she will never forget her experience in the series.

Fans Shower Kim Joo Ryung With Love

Fans have more to offer as they gave Kim Joo Ryung friendly comments after the interview.

On Twitter, users shared their reactions to the actress' character before asking her for more movies and series from her in the future.

Kim Joo Ryung does not have a new project as of the moment, but fans can choose from her 50 flicks since she first started acting in 2000. If there is a plot twist that could bring her back to Squid Game, it would be interesting to see her team up with Seong Gi-Hun and seek revenge.

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