Kim So Hyun Net Worth: How Much Did She Earn As A Former Child Star Turned In-Demand Actress?

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Kim So Hyun is among the Korean celebrities who managed to make a name for themselves after being known as a child star.

Debuted in 2007, she had her first on-screen appearance in A Happy Woman playing the younger version of Yoon Jung Hee.

Interestingly, after several supporting roles and recognition as a child actress, Kim So Hyun gained international recognition after landing the role of Kim Jo Jo in the 2019 Netflix drama Love Alarm.


She starred in the hit rom-com series alongside Song Kang Jung Ga Ram and reprised her role in Love Alarm 2, two years later.

Besides the Netflix original series, Kim So Hyun also headlined remarkable K-dramas like The Tale of Nokdu and River Where the Moon Rises with Na In Woo.

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Kim So Hyun's Net Worth

According to a report, the actress' wealth is quite impressive considering that she started her career in showbiz at a young age.


Kim So Hyun’s net worth this 2022 is around 17 million USD with a big chunk of her earnings is from her acting career.

In addition, she is also earning through endorsement deals from fashion, beauty, and electronics advertisement deals.

Kim So Hyun's New Drama

Interestingly, Kim So Hyun’s net worth is set to increase as the actress is confirmed to headline the upcoming K-drama Is It Fate?

The webtoon-based series is under director Song Hyun Wook, who helmed Introverted Boss, The Beauty Inside and The King's Affection.

The forthcoming drama series is her comeback to the big screen after Love Alarm 2.


In Is It Fate? Kim So Hyun took the role of Hong Joo who is doubtful about romance and unexpectedly gets reunited with her first love.

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