Na In Woo Net Worth: How Much Millions Does the Jinxed At First Star Has?

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Following the success of tvN’s Mr. Queen, Na In Woo continues to land remarkable K-dramas and solidify his name as one of the beloved lead stars of his generation.

Viewers get to see the 27-year-old actor in his recent webtoon-based K-drama Jinxed At First showing off his undeniable chemistry with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

Apart from it, Na In Woo is also set to headline an upcoming movie Agreement with a roster of talented stars like Yeo Jin Goo, All of Us Are Dead star Cho Yi Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, and Kim Hye Yoon.


From his current and upcoming projects, and his breakthrough series Mr. Queen, another K-drama, boosted his popularity despite being the series’ second choice.

Why River Where the Moon Rises is Na In Woo's Most Remarkable Series?

The KBS’ historical series River Where the Moon Rises is among the controversial K-dramas of 2021. For one, the lead star, Ji Soo was involved in a controversy that prompted the network to remove him from the program despite filming halfway through the drama.

Interestingly, it was Na In Woo who was chosen to replace Ji Soo. He took the role of the peace-loving On Dal and stars opposite Kim So Hyun.

While River Where the Moon Rises is gaining much attention from the public, praising Na In Woo’s performance, he spoke about joining the series much later than the other cast.


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In a report cited by Soompi, Na In Woo tells Singles magazine about his experience filming the K-drama.

He admitted that re-shooting the unaired scenes was quite challenging but he was thankful for the director, his co-stars, and the staff who helped him and motivated him to portray his character.

Because he had a short time to memorize the script and prepare for his role, he revealed that he did a lot of adlibs playing On Dal.

Interestingly, despite being the second choice for River Where the Moon Rises, the historical series opened a lot of doors for Na In Woo to play the lead roles.

After the KBS series, he joined the cast of At a Distance, Spring Is Green, followed by a lead role in Her Bucket List.

For 2022, Na In Woo starred in two K-dramas, Cleaning Up and Jinxed At First.


With his growing popularity and not to mention his multiple projects, how rich is Na In Woo now?

Na In Woo's Net Worth

According to a report, Na In Woo’s net worth this 2022 is around 2.5 million USD.

While he earned most of his wealth from his acting career, the 27-year-old star also does endorsements, magazine shoots, and more.

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