04 Nov 2021 7:56 AM +00:00 UTC

Kim Seon Ho Heartbreak: Actor's Brand 11STREET Faces Internet's Rage For Featuring Actor

Kim Seon Ho has lost his hope already in his future and career after his ex-girlfriend revealed his dark past. After becoming an instant A-lister following the success of Hometown-Cha-Cha-Cha, the actor found himself crumbling down as he lost all his projects and deals.

Despite that, his loyal fans continue to support him and pray for a new project to come. Fortunately, one brand started featuring him again – but the company immediately faced backlash for doing that.

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Kim Seon Ho Deserves New Start, 11STREET Insists

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Credit: 11STREET

On Monday, Dispatch reported that the e-commerce brand 11STREET shared a new advertisement featuring Kim Seon Ho. The 15-second clip on YouTube was reportedly recorded months before the issue. Still, internet users continuously called out the brand for collaborating with him.

However, 11STREET clarified the following day that uploading it should not be an issue since the actor had already apologized.


"He has been selected to be a model for 11STREET since April and he has been diligently working for us," the statement said.

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After the controversy came to the limelight last month, the brand reportedly decided to share the campaign advertisement soon after both parties reached the understanding they wanted.

While most Korean internet users still chose not to forget what he did, international fans came forward and defended the actor. They also welcomed him back through their social media accounts.


Kim Seon Ho Regaining Projects, Brands

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Credit: Netflix

Although Kim Seon Ho is yet to win back big companies like Domino's Pizza Korea and CANON, the actor began appearing in several advertisements again. In addition, he remains included in his first-ever film.


Soompi reported that his casting to the film Sad Tropics would remain the same. He is also scheduled to join the filming starting this December.

"After much deliberation, the producers of Sad Tropics have decided to film the movie this year with actor Kim Seon-ho," the company said.

Kim Seon Ho's role in the film remains unknown, but the flick will tell the story of a half-Korean, half-Filipino aspiring boxer who will jet to South Korea in pursuit of meeting his father again.

Sad Tropics' release date has not been announced yet. But its confirmation to include Kim Seon Ho indeed hyped the fans.

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