BLACKPINK Jennie Shock: SOLO Singer Sparks Concerns During Halloween After She Was Spotted With THESE People



BLACKPINK Jennie blessed her fans with two Halloween outfits this year.

Instead of scaring her fans for Halloween, BLACKPINK member Jennie made everyone's hearts beat faster with her natural visuals. She shared photos of her Medusa-inspired look on her Instagram page, greeting everyone with Happy Halloween.

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Jennie flaunted her wavy hair that she accessorized with golden snakes. She also showed her long, bloodstained nails.

However, it did not take her long time to make her fans extremely worried.

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BLACKPINK Jennie Celebrates Halloween With Khadra Twins, Deb Never

On Tuesday, The Khadra Twins - Simi Khadra & Haze Khadra shared photos of them with the K-pop idol on their Instagram Story. The first photo features Jennie and Simi showing their backs before tagging the BLACKPINK member.

Meanwhile, Jennie also posed with Deb Never while cosplaying Gogo Yubari from the movie Kill Bill.

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It is only natural for her to be in photos of the artists around Los Angeles as Jennie has been staying in the US for months now. However, her recent outings only caused massive worries to fans.

In AllKpop's comments section, BLINKs expressed how worried they are about Jennie being with that kind of friend. They pointed out that Jennie wore a shorter skirt in the Halloween photo as the Khadra Twins and Deb Dever influenced her. They also noticed how she did not look like she was before.

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However, other fans also defended her and said that Jennie only wanted to take a break from the "strict life" in Korea.

Should Fans Be Worried Of Jennie?

While her outfit truly surprised the fans, her appearance with that Khadra Twins should not be as shocking as expected.

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YG Entertainment revealed that BLACKPINK members Jennie and Rose are currently in LA to work on music. Simi and Haze then shared photos of them with the idols.

As another member of BLACKPINK also became friends with the twins, it is safe to say that both Rose and Jennie are already mature enough to pick their friends who would not harm them in any way. With that said, fans should not be worried about Rose or Jennie at all, even when they are currently away from South Korea.

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