Kim Seo Hyung Stars in New Thriller Kdrama Paper Moon

Credit: 스튜디오지니/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 스튜디오지니/YouTube Screenshot

A new poster and video teaser for the upcoming Kdrama, Paper Moon, starring Kim Seo Hyung, have been released.

Paper Moon is a thriller Kdrama based on the Japanese novel of the same name, written by Mitsuyo Kakuta. The plot centers on a woman named Yoo Yi-Hwa, who had led a comfortable life free from deprivation and desire. The moment she started working as a temporary employee at a bank, her unremarkable and once-regular life took an abrupt and unforeseen turn for the worse.

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Kim Seo Hyung Features Her Mournful Eyes in Teaser Photo for Kdrama Paper Moon

The teaser poster for the upcoming series features Kim Seo Hyung's mournful eyes staring somewhere under the cloudy moonlight. The text on the poster further added a mystery to the series, saying, "Abandoning The Real Me For Fake Happiness."

It increased the curiosity about the plot itself, as Kim Seo Hyung portrays a woman living a suffocating daily life who suddenly faces an irreversible moment as she embezzles money from the bank's VIP customers.

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Kim Seo Hyung Portrays a Housewife in Kdrama Paper Moon

Kim Seo Hyung will breathe life into the character of Yoo Yi-Hwa, a housewife whose husband seems to not have any interest in her every endeavor. She begins to feel bored with her life, so she decided to get a job as a contract employee at a savings bank.

Gradually, she began to regain her confidence. However, she starts taking money from the customers, which leads to a chain of events that cannot be undone and results in a catastrophic situation that ruins her life.

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Meanwhile, the Genie TV Kdrama Paper Moon is expected to be released sometime in April 2023.

Stay tuned to the latest news, updates, and spoilers about the upcoming Kdrama Paper Moon only on EpicStream.

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