Kim Sa Eun Diet: Former K-pop Idol Reveals Extreme Diet She Had To Maintain Ideal Physique

Credit: TVCHOSUN JOY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TVCHOSUN JOY/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Sa Eun, Super Junior Sungmin’s wife, looked back at the struggles she went through due to the diet she needed to follow.

Kim Sa Eun started her career as a member of Banana Girl in 2008. The girl group, which was under Big Hit Entertainment, imposed a strict diet on its members to maintain their visual as an idol group.

Years after they disbanded, the now-actress recalled her trainee and idol days and shared the extreme diet she went through.

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Kim Sa Eun Reveals Her Diet as an Idol

In a new video on her YouTube channel, Sungmin’s wife detailed the diet she did when she was still part of the K-pop industry.

Per the Ready Action Youth star, she lost around five to six kilograms after entering the university. She lost an extra kilogram when she became a trainee.

Despite losing a total of seven kilos, it was reportedly not enough to make her look slim.

"Since camera lenses make you look chubbier than how you are in real life, I had to lose more following my debut,” she said. "I exercised and worked out a lot, and cut down on the foods I ate until then. I ate two meals a day instead of three. But how was I supposed to do more from there?"

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Since she had to lose her fat, she completely cut down her food and consumed only a pack of chips per day and water.

Whenever she opened a chip in the morning, she ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

By doing so, she successfully lost another two kilograms. However, her body looked swollen even after squeezing the weight out of her body.

Since her management agency staff asked her to stop eating chips, she tried looking for a new way to make herself full throughout the day without getting fat.

Kim Sa Eun Risked Her Health While on Diet

Kim Sa Eun eventually tried the drink diet, which allowed her to only consume drinks throughout the day. Though she had already tried all the drinks at a coffee shop, she noticed feeling dizzy more frequently and fatigued.

After three days, she gave up the diet.

"The best way to go on a diet is to eat healthily but less than your usual, but at the same time, work out as much as you can. Don't go on diets like my past ones, it's the silliest thing you can do to yourself!” she ended her video.

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