Ma Dong Seok Returns to Korean Film Industry After Success of The Eternals

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Credit: Vstar/YouTube Screenshot

Ma Dong Seok expressed his excitement about his upcoming Korean film project, The Outlaws 2, after the success of The Eternals.

Among the rising Korean stars in the industry, Ma Dong Seok joined the list of celebrities who made it to Hollywood. After the record-breaking Train to Busan, the actor landed the role of Gilgamesh in his first-ever MCU project.

The MCU film's director, Chloe Zhao, personally picked the actor to be part of the team.

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Ma Dong Seok Opens Up About Upcoming Project, The Outlaws 2

The installment to the hit 2017 action film, The Outlaws, will soon present Ma Dong Seok again.

The movie is expected to explore the story of detective Ma Seok Do and his police station’s violent crimes squad. They are tasked to stop the crime in the country. But this time, they need to beat Kang Hae Sang, a supervillain who has been doing crimes in Vietnam.

In a new interview before the film’s premiere, Ma Dong Seok expressed his excitement as it would mark his first role since The Eternals.

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“I think this is a time where what everyone needs most is a production that can relieve their stress,” he said. “Everyone must have been so frustrated throughout this time, so I hope ‘The Outlaws 2’ can be a film that can take that stress off of their shoulders.”

The actor explained that he is also nervous while feeling overwhelmed by the love he received by playing Ma Seok Do’s role.

Although he has been an award-winning actor, Ma Dong Seok reportedly still feels a lot of pressure. Amid all that, he is excited to show how he and his team wipe out the bad guys in South Korea and Vietnam.

What To Expect on The Outlaws 2

Ma Dong Seok took his time to reveal that he participated in the planning and production of the film. He hyped fans by saying they poured everything while creating the newest installment.

Since he got involved in the film’s action scenes, he revealed that the team did everything to keep him and his co-stars safe.

“In order to show more improved skills compared to the original film, I worked on polishing up some special skills like judo and self-defense in addition to boxing. In Hollywood, there’s actors like Dwayne Johnson who specialize in the action genre. I’m working hard to take what I do well and improve even more,” he went on.

The Outlaws 2 will premiere on May 18.

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