Kim Nayoung Finds New Home After gugudan’s Disbandment

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Kim Nayoung got the chance to debut in a girl group, and she will soon try her luck as an actress.

After four years of promoting as a girl group, gugudan’s run in the K-pop industry came to an end. Their agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, broke fans’ hearts with the news exactly on Dec. 31, 2020.

A few months later, Kim Nayoung, Mimi, and Soyee departed the label for good.


While most members finally found their new homes, Kim Nayoung just secured a contract with a label, and she is ready to unleash a different side of her.

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Kim Nayoung Signs with Goodman Story Entertainment

On Monday, Cho Seung Woo’s agency confirmed that Kim Nayeong secured a contract with them. According to the company, the former K-pop idol will now debut as an actress.


“We are happy to be working with Kim Nayoung, who has proved her diverse talent in various fields like acting, singing, and dancing. We will fully support her activities in various projects that will not be limited to any particular stage or media. Please look forward to and support Kim Nayoung’s new image as an actor,” the full statement read, as translated by Soompi.

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It remains unknown whether she already has a series or film to work on, but fans are happy that she found another life after trying her best in the K-pop industry.

Before debuting in gugudan, Kim Nayoung famously ranked 14th on Mnet’s Produce 101. Even when she was promoting with the girl group, she appeared in several musicals and plays, including Mephisto and Why Did You Come to My House?.

Kim Nayoung Fulfills Her Promise

Her new career came after she promised her fans to show a better Nayoung in the future.


When she left Jellyfish Entertainment, she penned a heartfelt message on Instagram to thank their fandom, Danjjaks, and promised a better performance in the future.

“Because I don’t want to hurt all of you, who helped me and made it possible for me to have this good experience, I will repay you by showing you a better Nayoung in the future. I ask for all of your love and support,” she wrote at that time.

With the current development in her career, Kim Na Young will surely start giving her fans more of her.

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