ASTRO Members Share Goals After Releasing New Album Drive To The Starry Road

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Credit: FANTAGIO/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO is ready to show the new normal as they reconnect with their fans through their new album, Drive To The Starry Sky.

AROHA finally received new music from ASTRO again after a year following the release of the boy group’s new project. It follows their second full-length album All Yours and eighth extended play, Switch On, last year.

The boy group’s members recently spoke up about the new project and revealed what fans should expect from them.

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ASTRO Members Have Something To Offer To Fans

Following an online media showcase on Monday, ASTRO talked about their album and their wish to become more popular in the next few years.

According to leader JinJin, they decided to include a solo song by each member in the album for the first time. By doing so, they are able to show their individual colors.

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Cha Eun Woo agreed with JinJin’s statement, saying that the album also highlights the future they want to take on.

“This year, ASTRO has rung in our seventh year since debut. As much time has gone by, we’ve grown in a lot of different aspects and I think that was captured well in this album. You’ll be able to see ASTRO’s more matured and experienced image so please look forward to it,” Moonbin added.

All About ASTRO’s New Album

ASTRO members also took their time to talk about their album and their plans after their recent comeback.

JinJin, Moonbin, and Rocky worked together to write the lyrics of the project’s title track, Candy Sugar Pop. Moonbin explained that they came up with a bright and lively track to deliver their refreshing vibe while showing their matured image.

Meanwhile, the album itself has 10 b-sides – six of which are solo tracks.

With their recent return, the group said they want to become better performers for their fans.

“‘Candy Sugar Pop’ has a strong feeling of public appeal so I anticipate that a lot of people will like it and I want to place first on music charts,” the boy group’s leader went on.


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