Kim Ji Eun Reflects on Again My Life Conclusion

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Credit: SBS CATCH/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Ji Eun added Again My Life to the list of her most successful K-dramas.

After being an actress for years, Kim Ji Eun landed her biggest break when she scored her first leading role in Again My Life. Although she garnered attention for her appearance in the TV series, The Veil, she did not have more fans until the SBS TV drama arrived.

So when the drama ended, Kim Ji Eun suddenly wanted to have a time machine to re-film everything.

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Kim Ji Eun Says Filming Again My Life Was Precious

Again My Life is a recently-ended K-drama about a young prosecutor who gets killed while trying to catch a powerful politician. He gets the chance to live again and seek justice afterward.

In the drama, Kim Ji Eun played the role of Kim Hee Ah, the youngest daughter of the Cheonha Group who fell in love with Lee Joon Gi’sKim Hee Woo.

After its ending, the actress sat for an interview and said that she would want to restart filming if she has the power to turn back time.

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“To the point where I’d want to return to the start of filming if I had the opportunity to turn back time, it was such a fun and meaningful period where I got to look back on myself. It was such a precious time because I got to work with all our staff members, in addition to the director, as well as my amazing senior and junior actors,” she said.

With that, she showered everyone with love for working so hard to complete the drama perfectly.

Kim Ji Eun Shares Hope After K-Drama’s Ending

Elsewhere in the discussion, the South Korean actress extended her gratitude toward the viewers who watched Again My Life.

She said that having viewers and making the drama a successful one became part of her most precious memories.

So in the end, Kim Ji Eun told the viewers how much she hopes they would find hope and comfort through the K-drama.

Again My Life ended with a whopping average nationwide rating of 10.5 percent.

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