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Kim Garam’s Fans Questioned After Putting Up Former Le Sserafim Member's Public Birthday Ad

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Garam thanked her fans in a post on Instagram on Thursday, November 17, after putting up a billboard in Gangnam to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday, November 16. However, due to the bullying controversy she got into earlier this year, others couldn't help but question this move.

Garam used her best friend's Instagram to show her gratitude to her fans for her birthday ad. However, not everyone seemed to like it.

Kim Garam's Birthday Ad

The former Le Sserafim member took a photo of the billboard and shared it on Instagram with a simple caption, "THX," added with a heart emoji.

The ad also included a happy birthday greeting and was reportedly scheduled to play a hundred times throughout the day.

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Of course, it featured some of her most beautiful snaps.

Netizens Question the Loyalty of Kim Garam's Fans

However, some netizens were appalled by the loyalty of Garam's fans, sending mixed reactions to the billboard.

A number of her followers strongly believe that the young idol is innocent of the bullying allegations, though most of the public thinks she's guilty.

After everything she has been through, her fans want to show that she's loved, and many still support her.

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However, her haters can't help but leave negative comments about it. They argue that Garam was only actively promoted for a couple of weeks, and yet they have loved her so.

They ask how they formed a strong bond after barely a month of knowing her. They also claim that the public birthday ad further degrades the K-pop star's reputation, worrying that it may only backfire on Garam not knowing if she wants her face to be seen on a billboard.

Fans Maintain Kim Garam's Innocence

Despite the negative comments, Garam's fans strongly maintain that she's innocent and want her back in the limelight again.

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They stress they don't mind if she was only active as a Le Sserafim member for a few weeks, adding that she has been continuously suffering cyberbullying until today. They also find her former agency Source Music's statement unfair.

Fans wish she would continue her dreams while asking her haters to leave them alone.

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