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Kang Daniel Brand Advertisement Controversy: Industry Officials Weigh in on the Issue, 'No MC Praised Competitor's Product'

Credit: Warner Music Japan/YouTube Screenshot

Kang Daniel is now in hot waters after carelessly promoting and praising a different brand from the Street Man Fighter sponsor. So, advertisement industry professionals weigh in on the Issue.

At the finale of the dance survival show Street Man Fighter Tuesday, November 8, Daniel thanked their sponsors and said "Trevi" was delicious instead of their sponsor Seagram. This quickly resulted in a huge backlash, and the singer-songwriter is now facing heavy criticism.

Professionals React to Kang Daniel's Mistake

"Thank you to our advertisement officials," he said.

"Trevi is delicious!" he continued. "Just kidding. But I am half sincere." 

It has been known that Seagram sponsors Street Man Fighter and not its rival beverage drink Trevi.

Daniel's mistake also affects Seagram, considering it has invested in sponsoring the show, but he ends up promoting a different brand.

So, what can the advertisement industry professionals say about it?

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"He is an MC who does not even know the basic 'Rules' that are fundamental," an official from the field said, via AllKpop. It added that his mistake could even be called a "broadcast incident."

"We're not asking him to be polite to the advertiser, but at least, he shouldn't be rude," another explained. "There has not been one MC who praised a competitor's product in the history of past broadcasts."

Kang Daniel's Careless Words

This is not the first time that Daniel faced criticism for his poor choice of words.

In July, he was criticized for his statement about Street Woman Fighter while talking to his fans.

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"To be really honest, it's so comfortable because they're all men. I'm happy because I won't have my energy sucked out," he said. "I was really scared on Street Woman Fighter because of the older women with strong eyeliner."

When his fans tried to show him his mistake, he started to argue.

"People like you must get angry when you go to stand-up comedies," he continued. "Let's live life easy."

Mnet Removes Kang Daniel's Wrong Statement

Meanwhile, Mnet has already deleted the audio of Daniel's wrong statement on the final episode of Street Man Fighter on different OTT services that re-run the episode.

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The network replaced his audio with a BGM instead.

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