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Big Bang's G-Dragon Left Fans Confused about His Cryptic Social Media Post

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Big Bang's G-Dragon usually posts his everyday life on Instagram Story, but his recent update hits differently. Fans are left confused about the King of K-pop's cryptic post, sharing the lyrics of Kim Hye Yeon's song, "The Kaleidoscope of Life."

G-Dragon has 21.5 million followers on social media, and they all see his regular update on Instagram Story. Hence, they seem to know if something is going on with their bias.

G-Dragon's Cryptic Post

The 34-year-old posts various content on his social media, giving his followers a glimpse of his activities.

He will share photos of himself at the gym, his pet dog, and his nightlife, wearing some of the fashionable pieces of today.

However, fans are left wondering why he shares the lyrics of "The Kaleidoscope of Life."

"The world is at this [terrible] state. Just at this state. The bad people just continue to live while being bad," its lyrics go.

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That said, fans can't help but connect the song to what he feels, with one netizen saying, "The lyrics seem to express his feelings well," per AllKpop.

"I'm curious who he was targeting with those lyrics," another claimed. "It's a very cryptic message," a different fan said.

Whatever the case is, fans hope G-Dragon is doing fine.

G-Dragon's Itaewon Tragedy Post Divide Fans' Opinions

Meanwhile, G-Dragon addressed the Itaewon tragedy, which happened on October 29 and sparked controversy. The Big Bang member divided fans' opinions after expressing his grief by posting an image of a daisy flower with one of its petals falling.

"Pray for Itaewon…29.10.2022," he wrote in the snap. But though his post looked like other celebrities' posts about the tragic event, some couldn't help but react to it.

They questioned his real intention in using a daisy flower in his post, knowing it's his personal brand design.

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Some even accused him of being insensitive for using the tragedy to promote his personal brand.

"Did he really have to [use his brand design]?" one fan asked.

"Even this is considered art?" another claimed.

"I guess to him, another person's death is just another opportunity to show off his identity," a furious netizen added.

However, others come to his rescue, saying there was nothing wrong with the image he used.

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"Everything is uncomfortable at this point. It's not like [G-Dragon] did anything," a follower suggested.

"Once again, people are saying they're uncomfortable with something that's not even a big deal," another explained. "Just leave him alone."

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