Kim Garam Heartbreak: Former LE SSERAFIM Member Reportedly Suffering From Bullying After Past Issues

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Garam already struggles after leaving HYBE and LE SSERAFIM.

LE SSERAFIM lost one of its members after Kim Garam got embroiled in bullying allegations. Korean media outlets, including Trendbiz, shared photos of her from her former classmates, showing the idol committing underage smoking and drinking.

After her exit from the girl group and HYBE, Kim Garam is reportedly getting bullied at her school.

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Kim Garam Suffers From Bullying

Nate reported that Kim Garam suffered bullying after she reportedly abused her former schoolmates. The news outlet shared a picture on August 1, showing her desk with slurs and foul statements.

SBS News noted that it had not been confirmed whether it truly belonged to the idol. But her name can be seen in the top right corner of the desk.

Some LE SSERAFIM’s fans defended her as it is not right to bully her, although she used to abuse her schoolmates in the past.

The revelation came after her supporters spoke up about the unfair treatment the former idol received after the issues surfaced.

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In May, a document — which was an official record from a school violence committee meeting — confirmed that Kim Garam was the perpetrator of the incident. HYBE said that the idol had truly been found guilty of school violence in 2018, but it defended her and claimed she never committed physical assault.

Per the Ministry of Education, Degree 5 is given “ to make the student perpetrator feel remorse for their actions on their own, in order to reform their mindset on violence and make them reflect on their actions through the help of a professional.

HYBE Terminates Contract With Kim Garam

On July 20, Source Music officially terminated its contract with Kim Garam after a thorough investigation. With that, the company decided to allow the girl group to promote with the five remaining members instead.

“We would like to provide you with information on the decision made regarding LE SSERAFIM member KIM GARAM and plans for future activities with LE SSERAFIM. Our company has decided to terminate the exclusive contract with KIM GARAM,” it said.

Kim Garam was still able to debut with LE SSERAFIM through FEARLESS.

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