Kevin Feige Reveals His Favorite MCU Moment in Captain America: Civil War, and It Will Surprise You

Warning: Major spoilers forCaptain America: Civil War. You have been warned.

Captain America:Civil War featured a lot of action-packed and not so action-packed scenes during its 147-minute run that fans have a bevy of moments to choose from when it comes to their favorite scenes. While many people would tend to go for the thrilling showdown at the Leipzig/Halle Airport between Team Cap and Team Iron Man when asked what their favorite moment is in the movie, it's the complete opposite for Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Apparently, his favorite moment in Civil War, and the entire MCU for that matter, is the quiet moment where Tony found out that a brainwashed Bucky was the one responsible for the death of his parents.

In an interview with Empire, Feige revealed how that revelation of Bucky being connected to Tony's past symbolized his and directors Joe and Anthony Russo's unique take on the film as compared to previous MCU films.

He said:

I think it's my favourite moment in 13 MCU films. The whole movie was building to that, and it's amazingly executed by the Russos.
It goes back to conversations we had years ago about how to make it different and how to have as many characters as any Avengers movie, and yet have it end in a very different and personal manner.

At the beginning of Civil War, we see The Winter Soldier attacking a car in order to get the Super Soldier Serum, to be used for other Winter Soldiers. Later on, when Tony Stark, Bucky, and Steve Rogers travel to Siberia to stop Helmut Zemo, he would reveal that it was actually Tony's parents who Bucky killed in that car attack. Tony was supposed to be helping Bucky and Cap defeat a group of Winter Soldiers out of control, but learning about Bucky and his parents' past, Iron Man goes on a rampage and attempts to kill Bucky and even Steve.

In the end, Steve wins against Tony, and even though Steve never actually kills him and only tries to stop him, it's likely that their friendship had been damaged for good.

Hopefully, they would reconcile. Nevertheless, Bucky and Cap gains a new friendship with the King of Wakanda, T'Challa, a.k.a. Black Panther.

We'll know if Cap and Iron Man ever reconciles when in the two-part Avengers: Infinity War films.

Captain America:Civil War is now in theaters.

What's your favorite scene in Civil War?

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