Why We Might See A New Captain America in Future MCU Films

Warning: Spoilers ahead fromCaptain America: Civil War.Read at your own risk.

It's inevitable that no Avenger will come out of Captain America: Civil War the same again. This can take different forms such as emotionally and physically. However, it seems that the hero who's going to change the most is the focus of the film itself – Chris Evans' Captain America/Steve Rogers.

Before Civil War ended, we saw Steve leaving his shield with Iron Man. Well, it seems that such a decision meant the character leaving more than just his shield.

The final face-off between Captain America, Iron Man, and The Winter Soldier ended with Tony now aware that a brainwashed Bucky killed his parents. Tony ends up getting defeated from the fight. However, before Captain America walks off, Tony reminds Cap that the vibranium shield really belongs to his father, Howard Stark. Realizing Tony's point, Steve leaves behind the shield then he and Bucky leaves Tony downtrodden.

Well, a new Empire interview with Anthony Russo reveals how Steve Rogers is leaving more than the shield during that scene. He said:

Dropping the shield is a rejection of the Captain America identity and a choice to embrace the Steve Rogers identity.

This means that Steve Rogers may no longer be Captain America in future MCU films. Having said thus, it begs the question of who is to replace Rogers as the Cap. At this point, anything is possible with regard to how we will see Steve again. That said, it's also possible that the world's governments, which now have some form of control over the Avengers, would hire someone else to do the job of Captain America, thus replacing Evans' version of the Avenger.

It remains to be know, but it's definitely a possibility, especially considering how the MCU will change once it hits the end of Phase Three with the film, Inhumans.

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Captain America: Civil War is now in theaters.

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