30 Apr 2021 3:47 PM +00:00 UTC

Kevin Feige Blocked Spider-Man from Appearing in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Credit: Marvel Studios

Considering the current Marvel Cinematic Universe roster is stacked with superheroes and supervillains, one would assume that directors and producers have free rein on which characters they can utilize for a certain project but as it turns out, that's not actually the case. Just take it from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman who revealed plans for a "spectacular" cameo which was ultimately turned down.

Apparently, Spellman wanted Spider-Man to make an appearance in the series, and being a newcomer in the MCU, he thought for sure that he'll be allowed to do whatever he wanted and use any of the existing characters in the franchise. In an interview with Inverse, Spellman, who also happens to be the head writer of the show was adamant about getting Peter Parker on the show.

In fact, Spidey making a cameo in the series to help Bucky and Sam was actually once considered and the guy who prevented him from using the character was none other than Kevin Feige who explained to him that everything needs to flow organically. He explained: "Of course! Then Kevin Feige tells you, 'No. Stop it.' Listen, when you first show up to these projects, in your mind you think you're gonna get to use everybody in the MCU. But Marvel always asks, 'Does this person belong in this story? You cannot just geek out and put all of our characters in your project because you like them. They have to occur organically.' So Spider-Man did not make it."

While it makes total sense for Spider-Man to come in the aid of Sam and Bucky given their history together, I guess it's hard to just insert him out of nowhere without any explanation as to why he was there to help the duo. But you have to take into consideration that the series only ran for six episodes and there was already a lot going on and including Spidey in the mix would just make the series feel overstuffed.

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