16 Apr 2021 12:49 PM +00:00 UTC

Kevin Feige Defends Wyatt Russell's Captain America After Receiving Hate from Fans

Credit: Marvel Studios

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was successful in creating arguably the best MCU villain we've seen in a long time in John Walker and as crazy as it sounds, I'm fully convinced that he's one of the most compelling bad guys we've had in recent memory and I would even dare say that he's better than Thanos simply because he's able to generate organic heat from fans.

Of course, all the credit goes to actor Wyatt Russell who effectively played the role in the series, and his transition from being an ordinary citizen hoping to make everyone proud to a bonafide baddie corrupted by his obsession with power has been a treat to see. This is why it comes as no surprise that fans have vilified him from the get-go and some of them are even sending death threats to the actor.

Now, following the massive backlash the John Walker character has received online, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is stepping in to defend the character and the actor behind it. In an interview with The Undefeated, Feige opened up about the harsh comments Wyatt has been getting for taking on the Captain America mantle.

He explained: "I do want to say, as Malcolm said, I occasionally do make the same mistake of reading comments online. And what Wyatt went through in a week after his debut, and people going ‘Who is this? #NotMyCap, this is terrible. He's horrible, I hate him already'—he's not done anything."

Despite that, Feige said he would later see the bigger picture as fans slowly start to realize that Wyatt is actually doing an excellent job with the character. He added: "What I've seen recently is really almost an awakening online of people going, ‘Wait a minute… I hate his guts. But that means he's a good actor! Oh! This actor's creating this performance to get this emotion out of me! He's the best! He's great!'"

Again, mad props to Russell for effectively portraying the character even though he admittedly had zero knowledge about him and the entire Marvel universe. It's a little too early to say how Walker's future in the franchise plays out considering we still have one more episode but if you'd ask me, he totally deserves a longer MCU tenure judging by his performance alone.

The latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.

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