Kep1er Yujin Workout 2022: How She Stays Fit Revealed

Credit: UNIVERSE_OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: UNIVERSE_OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Exercising is a regular activity that most K-pop idols do. While some have revealed their regimens, including even some tips on how they do them, others have yet to disclose their routines, like Kep1er Yujin.

There is very little information about how the K-pop idol does her fitness activities. But, she reportedly once talked about her diet, noting that she is "lazy" to do it, according to AllKpop.

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Does Kep1er Yujin Work Out?

With the lack of details about Yujin's workout regimens, it is unclear what routines she follows. But, KProfiles claims exercising and walking are some of her "stress relievers," although no other information about the matter is available.

Also, considering that she is an active K-pop idol whose group just debuted earlier this year, Yujin and the rest of Kep1er likely spend a significant amount of time and effort practicing their choreographies every day. So, there is a possibility that dancing is part of her fitness activities.

This is no different from any other idols and acts in the world of K-pop. Some reportedly take advantage of their daily dance practices and make it their main form of exercise and workout.

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Yujin On Staying Slim And In Shape

On staying slim and maintaining her figure, it appears that Yujin has no problem doing this. She is one of the K-pop idols who naturally have a "petite" figure as they were born with it, according to KpopStarz.

The outlet previously said that the former CLC member is among those who are famous for being an idol with a "naturally-born petite body." As added, she has even become well-known, as well, due to her "exceptionally small face."

What makes it interesting is reportedly that the Kep1er member loves to eat. But, despite her love for food and eating, she does not gain weight, allowing her to maintain her figure.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Yujin news.

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