Kep1er Bahiyyih Home 2022: Does She Have a Roommate?

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Nearly a year has passed since Kep1er Bahiyyih, and the rest of the act debuted as K-pop idols. But fans still have a lot to learn about the group, including even their lives inside their dorm.

Weeks ahead of their debut anniversary, though, the Up! singers disclosed some information about their shared home, confirming that they all live under one roof. They also revealed the room arrangements inside the unit and which members sleep in one room.

KpopStarz said in a report, published in late November, that the members of Kep1er talked about the matter during an appearance on Showterview With Sunmi that month.

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About The Room Assignments Insider Kep1er's Shared Dorm

The discussions about the K-pop group's dorm came after Sunmi asked the members whether they all lived together, to which they responded, "Yes," as per the publication.

The outlet continued that inside the shared apartment, Bahiyyih is roommates with Yujin. It also noted that Chaehyun and Xiaoting stay in one room, and the same applies to Yeseo and Mashiro.

As for the remaining three members, Dayeon, Hikaru, and Youngeun, it is said that they share one room inside the dorm.

In the same engagement, Mashiro told Sunmi that they came up with the room assignments after doing the "Ghost Leg" method.

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Kep1er Bahiyyih And Her Sleeping Habits

Elsewhere in the exchange with Sunmi, the Kep1er members talked about some of their sleeping habits. Yujin and Mashiro did not shy away from revealing that their respective roommates, Bahiyyih and Yeseo, talk in their sleep.

The group leader shared that Bahiyyih always goes to bed first while she sleeps much later, seemingly hinting at witnessing the sleep-talk habit of her roommate.

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Yujin later recalled the time when she got so terrified because of Bahiyyih's habit as she was saying that there was an "old gentleman coming in."

After staying quiet, the Kep1er leader said she asked whether her roommate was awake, to which Bahiyyih responded, "Oh, it must've been a dream."

Watch this space for more Kep1er Bahiyyih news.

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