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Katie Holmes Shock: Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wife Desperately Seeking A Real Man She Can Date? Actress Attracts Younger Guys That Could Be Using Her

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Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube Screenshot

Katie Holmes has been single for over a year.

After her split from Tom Cruise in 2012, the actress secretly dated Jamie Foxx. The A-listers’ relationship didn’t lead them to the altar, and Holmes eventually found herself falling in love with restauranteur, Emilio Vitolo. However, their relationship was short-lived.

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Katie Holmes Desperate To Find Love

National Enquirer, in its Dec. 27 issue, claimed that Katie Holmes is desperately seeking a real man that she could spend the rest of her life with. But the only guys that she attract are much younger than her so her friends can’t help but worry.

After all, Holmes allegedly found out that Vitolo just used her so that he could gain more followers. And the actress’s friends are worried that the guys that are interested in Holmes would do the same.

“Katie just turns her nose up when her friends try to set her up with sensible older men. She seems to have wasted a lot of years in Tom Cruise’s shadow and may want to feel like the ingenue she was before they got together. After leaving Tom, Katie figured she’d have been married again by now. But her choices haven’t been the best,” the unnamed source said.

Katie Holmes Attracts Much Younger Guys

Holmes, who is reportedly wrapping up filming and directing her upcoming movie, was initially focused on her work. But she couldn’t also help but be excited because of all the attention she’s getting from the younger guys that are circling her radar.

“At first, she was all business, but with all the handsome boys around, she’s also entertaining offers for her social calendar. She has no shortage of young guys hoping to get involved with an established and successful actress like Katie. She seems open to the idea of a younger man with a wild side, but her friends are worried it will end in another dating disaster,” the unnamed source concluded.

However, the publication’s claims seem to contradict each other. They initially said that Holmes is desperately seeking a real man that she can date. But in the end, they alleged that the Dawson’s Creek actress is open to having fun with younger guys.

Since the publication is just speculating on Holmes’ dating life, they don’t really know the actress’s real thoughts about dating, falling in love, and tying the knot again.

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Katie Holmes Focused On Her Daughter, Acting Career

Earlier this year, a source told Us Weekly that Holmes and Vitolo’s relationship just fizzled naturally.

“They figured out they're better off as friends... Katie and Emilio really enjoyed their time together—it just simply didn't work out. She's focusing on being a mom and her upcoming projects,” a source said.

Another source told E! News that Holmes is focused on raising her daughter, Suri Cruise. And she’s also prioritizing her career as an actress.

“Dating is not a huge priority for her. She has a full plate with work and Suri,” the source said.


But if love comes knocking on her door, Holmes will entertain it. It’s just that it’s not her priority right now.

The source’s statement proves that Holmes isn’t desperately seeking a man to date. After all, she has plenty of projects lined up in the coming months.

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