Kate Winslet Recalls First Avatar 2 Reaction: “Phenomenal Script”

Kate Winslet working on set with Titanic director James Cameron again after previously making a comment on how difficult she found it to work with the guy, only to return and star alongside his work in his Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, shocked many who were aware of their history together. However, after clarifying her comment with regards to that, even Cameron admitted that starring in a film as huge as Titanic would’ve easily pressured any young actors at the time.

Now, the actress recalls her first time reading Cameron’s Avatar 2 script, calling it a ‘phenomenal’ piece of work. Kate Winslet stars as Ronal, the matriarchal leader of the Metkayina clan, mate of the leader of the clan, Tonowari, and mother to Tsireya, Aonung, and their unborn child.

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Recently speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Winslet opens up on how she was, at first, “given the bare minimum” of the script, but was gradually learning more about the worldbuilding of Avatar: The Way of Water. Check out Winslet’s full comment on Avatar 2 script below:

“I definitely was given the bare minimum, initially.” Winslet says the first look at the Avatar sequel script mostly took on character descriptions rather than the full gist of the story, “Very much character descriptions, a general sense of [Ronal], and the role that she played within her community. But it wasn’t until I read the script and discovered, obviously, all of the other elements that he had built in.”

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Winslet continues on to say, “It’s a phenomenal experience reading a Jim [James] Cameron script, because it’s just so thorough. The guy is such a perfectionist.” Given the fact that Cameron had scrapped his initial Avatar: The Way of Water script, wrote a 1.5 script focusing on Jake and Neytiri’s backgrounds in between films, and even managed to plan ahead, all the way to Avatar 5 plot, Winslet is on the money with the director wanting to perfect his creation.

Avatar: The Way of Water is currently screening in theaters.

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