Kate Middleton Shock: Queen Camilla Allegedly Forced Princess of Wales to Curtsy, Determined to Make Prince William’s Wife’s Life a Nightmare

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla have a good relationship at present. However, a new report claimed that King Charles' wife wanted to make Prince William's wife's life a "nightmare."

Queen Camilla Wanted To Make Kate Middleton's Life Miserable?

Queen Camilla is reportedly making things difficult for her stepdaughter-in-law. King Charles' wife allegedly forced to humiliate her by having her parents use the servants' entrance when they visited Kensington Palace.

"Camilla says 'it's fitting and proper' the Middletons' use the servants' entrance like the rest of the merchants who come crawling to the palace,'" the insider told Radar Online. "They've been putting on airs just like their daughter and need to be put in their place."

Queen Camilla also reportedly forced Middleton to curtsy whenever they meet to acknowledge that she's superior in rank.

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"Camilla can't stop gloating and is determined to make Kate's life a nightmare," a palace source said. "She intends to 'utterly humiliate' William's wife and 'knock that common-born bed-warmer down a few pegs."

The outlet called the King's wife "ruthless," who reportedly scuttled any plans to give Middletonm's working-class parents minor titles. Instead, she wanted her children to get knighthoods or other honors "as befits the offspring of Britain's queen," the source added.

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How's Kate Middleton And Queen Camilla's Relationship Today?

The report about Middleton and Queen Camilla's beef isn't new. Christopher Andersen claimed in his book Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate and the Throne that the current queen consort found Middleton "pretty but rather dim" and "too lowly" to marry the heir to the throne. She reportedly wanted Prince William to dump Middleton.

However, things have since improved between the two senior royals. Camilla even chose Middleton as her photographer for her magazine cover for Country Life, marking her 75th birthday.

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"If I can get over the fact I'm looking at myself, I think that they're very nice, and I think they're just what's needed for Country Life," Camilla said, showing her approval of Middleton's photos.

Vanity Fair royal correspondent and editor Katie Nicholl also spoke about the two women's bond in her book Kate: The Future Queen. According to her, King Charles' wife and daughter-in-law were very close.

"They're very very close, they really are," the Vanity Fair correspondent said on GB News. "It's interesting isn't it, we were sitting here talking about the fab four last time and, of course, that was Harry and Meghan and William and Kate, and now we talk about a very different fab four. We are talking about Charles and Camilla and William and Kate."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla.

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