Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William's Wife Allegedly Performs An 'Act Of Inconvenience' For Future Queen Consort Camilla, Body Language Expert Says

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Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton has been known to be the peacemaker in the royal family. It was evident when the Duchess of Cambridge approached Camilla Parker Bowles at the Commonwealth Day service on Monday.

Kate Middleton Displays This Act That Reveals Her Special Relationship With Camilla

There are various reports about Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles' relationship, with some alleging that they are not on good terms. However, that isn't the case every time the two duchesses and future queen consorts are spotted together.

On Monday, Middleton and Camilla reunited at the Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day service, and body language expert Judi James pointed out the hints of leftover tension from 2020 when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were present. At the same time, she pointed out the "act of inconvenience" Middleton did for Camilla.

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James noticed when Middleton touched Camilla's arm with her left hand, an add-on gesture that signifies closeness and respect.

"Her hand on Camilla’s arm dropped, but she then replaced it for one final squeeze," James told the Mirror (via GoodtoKnow).

She added, "These greeting add-ons are tie-signs that would signal to Camilla and to the rest of the world that Kate is keen to register affection and closeness with the woman who will be on the throne before her."

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Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Charles And Camilla Show A Picture Of Unity

James acknowledged the displays of affection and unity between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Middleton's gestures suggested that they were closing the alleged tension and open rifts two years ago when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were still with them.

"The most telling moment came when the four stood together waiting to walk down the aisle. There were signals of residue tension from William on arrival, who may still have been remembering the ghosts of the past as he arrived with one hand spread-eagled across his stomach in a barrier gesture before wiping his hands together and patting at his clothing to suggest inner anxiety," James continued.

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"But he chatted, smiling, with Kate to look more upbeat than his sombre and tense expression two years before."

The alleged tension two years ago was due to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's impending exit at the time. Prince Harry and Markle's final official engagement before they left the U.K. was at the Commonwealth Day service in 2020.

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Many believed that the other senior royals didn't like their decision. The tension was apparent with how the Cambridges and Sussexes greeted each other at the venue. James said there was a lack of warm greeting, which the royal fans expected.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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