Kate Middleton Shock: Prince Harry's Sister-In-Law Is Fully Out From Husband Prince William's Shadow, Interacts With People Like Princess Diana, Expert Claims

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Kate Middleton and Prince William attended a joint engagement and many noticed that the Princess of Wales was already out of her husband's shadow.

Kate Middleton Displays Her Charisma And Warmth

On Feb. 9, the Prince and Princess of Wales visited the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. They met the members of the public during the said engagement and body language expert Judi James weighed in on their gestures. She noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge was already her own person.


"Kate has always been undeniably charismatic, but it has tended to be a more passive, regal form of charisma," James told Express. "Recently though, she seems to have grown in confidence and notched up in terms of her body language rituals on visits and appearances."

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"She is now fully out of her husband's shadow, showing signs of adopting a more active style of charisma that allows her natural enthusiasm, warmth and humor [to] shine through."

Several experts agreed that Middleton and Prince William became more confident after King Charles made them the new Prince and Princess of Wales. Body language expert Darren Stanton previously said Middleton became dominant.


"While analyzing pictures of Kate at the food bank, she appeared dominant with her gestures, including pointing as she spoke to people," Stanton said. "Her body language also seemed very open."

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Kate Middleton Interacts Like The Late Princess Diana

There have been a lot of comparisons between Kate Middleton and her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. James agreed that there were similarities. In her observation, Prince William's wife and mom connect with the public in a similar way.


"She is not just working [for] the crowd but working with the crowd," James said about the Princess of Wales. "She is showing the kind of empathy, mirroring, and bonding behaviors that Diana used to be known for, and which made her feel like a personal friend."

"Kate is no longer waiting for the fans to ask for touches, handshakes, and hugs — she is prompting them in a way that suggests very high levels of not just confidence, but the type of relationship optimism that suggests she has finally realized her own popularity with the public. It looks like a mutual-adoration here as Kate is tactile and actively affectionate."

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James complimented Middleton for acquiring the rare skill of making each encounter personal and memorable to those who met her. The expert said Prince Harry's sister-in-law got a "genuine charisma" and the people surrounding her felt it and responded appropriately.


"Kate's new, very relaxed, natural, and tactile body language will have the best effect on the feelings of the people she is meeting here," James added.

Do you agree with the expert's observation about Kate Middleton?

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