Kate Middleton, Prince William More Confident, Developed Into Their Roles After Promotion, Despite Prince Harry's Attack in Spare

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton and Prince William have continued with their business as usual following Prince Harry's Spare. The Prince and Princess of Wales also appeared more confident, according to a report.

Prince William Exudes A Different Level Of Confidence After Promotion?

King Charles made Prince William the new Prince of Wales after he ascended the throne. Body language expert Darren Stanton said the heir to the throne appeared more confident based on his posture and hand placement after the promotion.

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"Since becoming the Prince of Wales, William has also begun to exude a whole different level of confidence, including the way he walks in his posture and what he does with his hands," Stanton said on behalf of Slingo, according to Showbiz CheatSheet. "He no longer places them inside his jacket, as he once did in previous years, which is a self-reassurance gesture."

"Also, he no longer plays with his cufflinks like his father, King Charles. William has clearly embraced his new role, which has provided him with a higher level of confidence."

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Kate Middleton Is Self-Assured After Being Promoted To Princess Of Wales?

Just like her husband, Prince William, Middleton has embraced her future role as queen. According to Stanton, she now uses open gestures and demonstrates self-assurance.

"While analyzing pictures of Kate at the food bank, she appeared dominant with her gestures, including pointing as she spoke to people," Stanton said. "Her body language also seemed very open."

"Just like William, Kate also adopted self-reassuring gestures in the past. She used to place her hands on top of the other in front of her, almost like a defensive gesture, but we have not seen that gesture displayed for many months. Kate and William have both clearly embraced and developed into their new roles. They both appear so much more confident with their public persona and engaging with the public."
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She added that Middleton's body language had changed after she became the new Princess of Wales. The expert said Middleton has fully embraced the idea of becoming a queen someday, and it's a position she obviously holds with high regard since her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana also held the title previously.

The expert noted the Waleses' being more confident following Prince Harry's attacks on them in his memoir Spare, which was released on Jan. 10, a day after Middleton's birthday.

What can you say about Prince William and Kate Middleton's newfound confidence despite Prince Harry's drama in Spare?

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