Kate Middleton Shock: Duchess Screamed At Prince William Over His Refusal To Do Something About Prince Andrew? Future Queen Consort Worried Meghan Markle Would Talk

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have always shown a united front amid all the controversies that they and the royal family faced. The royal couple’s marriage didn’t fall apart after the Duke of Cambridge was accused of cheating. And they didn’t also break down following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Megxit.

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Kate Middleton Feels Stressed Due To Prince Andrew’s Sexual Abuse Scandal

Star, in its Jan. 17 issue, claimed that Kate Middleton and Prince William’s marriage seems to be gravely affected by Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse scandal. After all, the future queen consort fears that she and her husband would be dragged into the allegations especially since there are claims that Markle could be deposed.


An unnamed source claimed that Middleton’s stress levels are through the roof, and she lashed out at Prince William at one point.

“She got into the biggest fight with William and screamed, ‘How could you let this happen? You must’ve known something was off!’” The way Kate sees it, the palace should’ve forced Andrew to end his friendship with Epstein and Maxwell from the get-go because it was as clear as day that they were bad news,” the unnamed source said.

Kate Middleton Worried Meghan Markle Would Testify Against Prince Andrew

After Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyer said that he wants Markle to testify against Prince Andrew, Middleton couldn’t help but worry about what her sister-in-law would say. Since the two women are still, allegedly, at odds with each other, there’s a possibility for Markle to expose Middleton during her deposition.


“Meghan has a tit-for-tat attitude and exposing the royals would be the ultimate revenge. Kate is scared Meghan will drag her name up during the trial to tarnish her image. Meghan has no regrets about slamming the royals in her big sit-down TV interview with Harry, so she’d relish the opportunity to speak badly of them if called to testify,” the unnamed source said.

Middleton also, allegedly, phoned Markle last month in an attempt to do damage control. But when she asked the Duchess of Sussex not to testify against Prince Andrew, she didn’t respond.

“It was tense and nothing was gained. Relations have been strained ever since Meghan and Harry moved to California, and there’s been little warmth between the duchesses after Meghan claimed racism drove them away from the royal family.

Kate Middleton, Royal Family Would Cut Ties With Meghan Markle If She Testifies

The unnamed source went on to say that Markle testifying against Prince Andrew will be the final nail in the coffin for the royal family.


“It will be seen as a major betrayal and likely sever any chance of them getting back into the royal family’s good graces. Prince Charles has already cut them off, but he would never consider giving them any financial assistance in the future,” the unnamed source claimed.

For now, all that Middleton could do is prepare for the worst. She will also be attending a crisis meeting with Queen Elizabeth and the other royals in the coming days.

“Queen Elizabeth wants to make sure Meghan is kept out of court and this crisis is avoided. This whole ordeal over Andrew’s scandal has been a nightmare, especially when she’s still grieving the loss of Prince Philip and dealing with her own poor health. The queen is not expecting to rule for much longer and she would hate to leave the monarchy in such a state of disarray,” the unnamed source concluded.

However, the publication’s claims are solely based on hearsay. Markle has not been called to testify against Prince Andrew. Giuffre’s lawyer just opened up about the possibility of interviewing some members of the royal family in relation to the Duke of York’s case, but nothing has been finalized.

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Kate Middleton Lashed Out At Pippa Middleton

It's not also true that Middleton lashed out at Prince William due to stress.

A similar story about the Duchess of Cambridge was also published just days earlier. But at the time, Middleton allegedly lashed out at her younger sister, Pippa Middleton.

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