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Kate Middleton Shock: Duchess Of Cambridge Was Reportedly Very Upset, Cut Off Pal For Ruining Birthday Party, Royal Biographer Claims

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Kate Middleton has been known as the peacemaker in the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge has always maintained her composure in private and public. However, at one point, she was allegedly very upset that she allegedly cut off a friend from her circle.

Kate Middleton So Upset After A Friend Ruined Her Birthday Celebration

Turning 21 is a milestone because it marks one's start of adulthood. Kate Middleton and her family prepared big time for her 21st birthday.

Six months after her actual natal day, in June 2003, they organized a big 1920s themed party and invited Middleton's closest friends and family, including her new secret royal boyfriend, Prince William.

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Unfortunately, one of her pals, Virginia, allegedly ruined the special day by hosting her 21st birthday on the same day, according to royal biographer Katie Nicholl.

Nicholl spoke to some of Middleton's pals for her book Kate: Our Future Queen. One of her friends revealed how Middleton felt toward Virginia a.k.a Ginnie at the time.

"It caused a real divide and a bit of social rift. Kate was very upset," Middleton's unnamed friend told Nicholl, adding, that the duchess "cut Ginny off a bit after that."

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Only a few decided to attend Ginnie's party. The Duke of Cambridge also turned to his girlfriend's bash, slightly late. He met Middleton's parents for the first time at the time.

"Lots of [the guests] knew each other, and William knew quite a few people there, which made it very relaxed," one of the guests said. "We all gave him his privacy, and he kept himself to himself. It was a sit-down dinner and dance and William looked very dapper; he seemed to be having a lot of fun - we all were."

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Kate Middleton Is The Royal Peacemaker

Despite the report about kate Middleton allegedly cutting a pal, various royal sources claimed that she is actually a peacemaker. The Duchess of Cambridge was seen giving Prince Harry and Prince William the chance to catch up during Prince Andrew's memorial service.

"It's always been my understanding that behind the scenes, Kate has tried very hard to forge a rapprochement and act as a peacemaker between William and Harry," Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight. "She loves Harry. She says that she is the sister that he never had. She has been heartbroken to see them fall out, and I think she is one of the few people, one of the few family members who would actually be able to push the brothers together, which she did in a very subtle way, but was very effective."

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She continued, "I certainly think she played quite an important role in getting the brothers to the point where they were able to engage in a conversation, of course, in front of the world's press."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton and the rest of the royal family members.

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