Kate Middleton Shock: Pippa Middleton's Sister Shares Prince William 'Wouldn't Eat' Favorite Takeaway With Her

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Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton shares her favorite takeaway food. However, her husband, Prince William, is not a fan and wouldn't eat it with her.

Kate Middleton Says Prince William Wouldn't Eat Her Favorite Takeaway

The Duchess of Cambridge has maintained her slim figure even after welcoming three kids with her husband, Prince William. According to Middleton, in a previous interview with BBC Radio 1, her favorite takeaway is "Curry, definitely," Express reported.

However, while Middleton loves curry, it's not something her husband enjoys. According to the future queen consort, Prince William "wouldn't eat it with her" because the Duke of Cambridge is not a fan of spicy food.

That was in 2017, and three years later, Prince William received a takeaway curry from the footballer's local Indian restaurant in Ealing.

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"Chicken masala - love that. A bit of flavour. I'm not a vindaloo man, put it that way," the duke replied, according to the outlet.

Prince William is not as experimental as his wife when it comes to food. During the couple's Caribbean tour in March, Middleton ate a strip of flesh called "conch pistol," a male sea snail's genitalia. She even found it "delicious."

"I’m a little bit more adventurous than William is," Middleton said when her husband said, "ladies first," Metro reported.

During the trip, the future king was offered a Gullywash — a drink made out of coconut juice with condensed milk, and he loved it.

"You guys talk amongst yourself, I’m staying here," Prince William jokingly said while enjoying the drink.

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Kate Middleton And Prince William's Favorite Food

Kate Middleton loves a plate of pasta, which breaks the rules followed by the Queen. Her Majesty avoids food containing a lot of starch, including rice, potatoes, and pasta.

"The Queen does not care much for pasta and bread and likes to eat meals containing fish or meat and vegetables instead," former royal chef Darren McGrady said, per Express.

If Middleton is into curry, Prince William told Radio 1 that he loves pizza and Chinese food. He loves both so much that he couldn't pick one between the two.

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The second in line to the throne also loves Nando's. He was introduced to it by a police station officer, and he has since loved it.

In the BBC documentary Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, the duke stated, "Everyone loves Nando's." His younger brother Prince Harry is also a fan of Nando's. The Duke of Sussex reportedly picked up a chicken pitta with extra cheese from a branch in Fulham in 2013.


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