Kate Middleton Revelation: Mike Tindall Reveals Where Duchess Of Cambridge Gets Her Energy From

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Kate Middleton has a very active lifestyle. Even though royal fans do not normally see her working out, the Duchess of Cambridge’s toned and slender physique proves that she takes good care of her body.

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Mike Tindall Says Kate Middleton Gets Her Energy From Running

During his appearance in House of Rugby, Zara Tindall’s husband, Mike Tindall, shared where Kate Middleton gets all her energy from.


“I’ve got the Duchess of Cambridge on one wing because she loves running, she can run all day. Engine!” Mike said (via Cheat Sheet).

When asked who runs faster between Prince William and Middleton, Mike said that it is the former who has more speed. After all, Mike had already tried to race the Duke of Cambridge.

But even though the Duchess of Cambridge is an avid runner, she previously said that she would never run a marathon due to security reasons.

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Mike added that Queen Elizabeth would be the captain of his rugby team. And Prince William and Prince Harry would also be part of the group because they are good centers.

“I’ve got fantastic pairings in the centers. Prince Harry and Prince William. They know each other inside out. Haz, front lineman in the military, he’ll crash that ball up for us, he’ll dominate, he’ll boss the tackle line,” he said.

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Kate Middleton Workout And Diet Revisited

Meanwhile, Middleton also does other workout routines regularly. According to Hello! magazine, she does CrossFit, weight training, yoga, tennis, and more. The Duchess of Cambridge also watches what she eats.

According to Eat This, the mom of three is fond of eating watermelon salad with avocado, onions, cucumbers, and feta cheese. Even though she’s not vegetarian, she typically eats most vegetarian dishes for her lunch.


In 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to India for a royal tour. At the time, Chef Raghu Deora revealed that she prepared all vegetarian meals for the couple.

Last year, there were also claims that the future queen consort was a fan of the Dukan Diet, which helped her get rid of her post-pregnancy weight. If she’s off the diet, Middleton reportedly eats more fruits and vegetables and incorporates the two in her meals.

According to Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge also drinks smoothies in the morning and the afternoon. And one of her favorite drinks is berries blended with almond milk.

Prince George’s mom also has beautiful skin because of what she eats. But a source claimed that she wants to have an even better skin tone.

“Kate already has the perfect figure but her motivation is to achieve radiant skin,” a source said.

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